Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ClintonBall All Over Again

Along with the Clinton Media Rules back in effect, it seems that the 30%'ers are re-arming the militia and gettin' good 'n' crazy again.

It's all anecdotal of course until a researcher with small-bucks backing does the work to prove that Americans have reverted back to 1992 with paranoid nutjobs in the bushes worrying over Janet Reno's black helicopters. God knows we won't have investigative journalists doing the work on a newspaper payroll, unless they're freelancing out of desperation. Meanwhile, those bellicose right-wingers keeping working the shtick 'for ratings' while inciting some of the worst fears of America.

When is it going to become obvious to the rest of the country that the right-wing Wurlitzer is the disease?


Seven of Six said...

Yep, the fear is deep... it's back to guns, gays, brown people and taxes for conservatives.

Repuke fuckers definitely got the meme out... stick to what worked in the past.

At least we have MSNBC and Stewart/Colbert doing battle with FAUX Noise machine. 60 Minutes did a great piece on healthcare this weekend... that is the kind of investigative journalism this country needs on healthcare.

Anjha said...

It is terrifying. Far worse than it ever was with Clinton. Clinton was nothing but their trial balloon and they just ended up having to get at him through sex aka the "sexual perversion" that they set up....

Now it is full blown revolution that they are calling for and they are ready to do it. What is worse is that these freak jobs are being told that they are the "real patriots."

These guys believe that if they love America then they need to rise up against our current government and the "Liberals." Because, we, apparently are the death of their Amerika...

It is frightening.

We have an entire army of out in the open Tim McVeighs. What is worse is that the Justice Department will have to keep an eye on these freaks and then their case for gubmint intrusion and taking their guns away will be "proven." Damn.

These people are dangerous and I do not have any idea what to do. Perhaps we wall off Texas and the South and allow the wingnuts their own "country". No taxes and all. Then there can be an entire generation of backwoods starving children with no safety net. Oy.

Seven of Six said...

Perhaps we wall off Texas and the South and allow the wingnuts their own "country".

Round 'em up and drop them off in the Anbar Province.

Seven of Six said...

On the "worst fears"... Georgia 10 has good article at DKos.