Wednesday, April 8, 2009


People prepared for TEOTWAWKI... an acronym for "the end of the world as we know it."
"I refer to myself as a modern survivalist, which means I don’t do without," Spirko explained. "I have a nice TV; I have nice furniture. We are not living in the sticks, but I take all of these things very seriously."

Spirko, an Army veteran and self-described "stark-raving-mad Libertarian," is part of a growing movement of people who are preparing for a disaster natural, economic or man-made. Referred to as "modern survivalists" or "preppers," they are taking steps to protect and provide for their families should something bad happen.

Theirs is a different breed of survivalist, far from the right-wing militants or religious extremists who hole up in bunkers, live off the land and wait for the apocalypse.

Preppers are regular people with regular jobs who decided after 9/11, after Hurricane Katrina or when their 401(k)s tanked that they can’t rely on someone else to help them if something goes awry.
Justified in these tough economic times? Scared of the Socialist Black President? Watching too much FAUX News and Glenn Beck? Smart or fringe lunatics?


idiosynchronic said...

No comments? really?

So who else looked up Radius Engineering and saw the bomb shelters? It's amazing what a few thousand to a few million + one huge freaking whole in your yard will get you . .

I still think they put something like this in at the Naval Observatory for Cheney's Undisclosed Location and Massage Parlor.

Seven of Six said...

Being prepared for a disaster is one thing but this is taking it a step too far. A year's supply of rations? And I don't mind the water filtration part, that's just common sense, (especially since I used to work at water treatment plants).

Fucking cheney is their hero... these loonies are not rational... this is really a bit out there.

Twinky P* said...

I'm sorry, SoS, I got all absorbed with doing jack shit but taunt that stupid troll all day. It was kinda fun. Work's been getting too intense anyhow. And these people are so fookin' silly. This is the chance we've been waiting for, really. People don't stop supporting a thing until they feel stupid for supporting it. You can't reason them out, you can't bully them out. But make regular people look at these nuts like we look at the Krishna people in airports - that'll marginalize them like nobody's biz. I've thought all along that Jon Stewart would save us. Finally coming thru.

And I can understand the concern. I've been thinking of learning how to can veggies and build a root cellar. But if it comes to actual apocalypse time, I'm more likely to feed everyone I can for one day, than hoard my pantry and live a week alone. Just me, anyhow.

snark said...

If all those folks are the ones who are gonna survive I'd rather be dead.

Just my two cents.