Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leave it to Sarah

Since it's a different point of view, here's the Iowa paper of record on Moose Killer's resignation.
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's decision to leave office this month could help her begin laying the groundwork for Iowa's 2012 Republican presidential caucuses, influential Iowa and national party insiders said Friday.

. .Dave Roederer, top Iowa adviser to former President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain, said it would be difficult for Palin to begin making contacts in Iowa next year in anticipation of a bid for the leadoff caucuses were she still governor.

. . "Geographically, I just don't know if she could do both jobs. The distance is huge," said Roederer, who was McCain's 2008 Iowa campaign chairman. "You can't just give a speech and fly home the next day."
Remember what I said the other day about the GOP gubernatorial hopefuls? Guess which county also weighs in.
Sac County Republican Ann Trimble-Ray, who was a strong supporter of Palin last year, said she would be disappointed if Palin were stepping down in order to get a jump on a 2012 campaign.

"If she is thinking of running for higher office, she's not done the right thing," said Trimble-Ray, who is county party vice chairwoman and was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention. "You need to be loyal to the people who elected you. It shakes my faith in her judgment, which I had thought was very good."
Sarah will be forgiven, especially if Huckabee decides not to run or won't walk away from his less-than-ideologically pure positions.


Twinky P* said...

Ha! She better stay away from the Sunday shows, because dang! I saw some backing away from her by a lot of conservatives. I'm thinking Palin's not really aware of how small her base is because they're so loud.

snark said...

Sarah will be forgiven...

I hope so. I hope enough of "her base" forgives her to help her get the nomination. Because the rest of the country will be easy to club with the "Palin is a quiter who bales when the heat gets turned up" meme.

Judith said...

Sarah Palin has not and will not do the homework she would need to do to run for anything. Basically I think she is very lazy, and a cute wink and a nod will not get her elected. Palin does not prepare for anything (see Couric interview and run for VP). Palin has absolutely no substance whatsoever. I guess when Palin discovered being Governor meant having to educate yourself and actually work, she lost interest. LAME duck indeed!