Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thirteen Days

The world, for thirteen straight days, has been mourning Michael Jackson's death. As the world mourns, NBC and others feed the grieving masses with such topics as flying Bubbles to the funeral, or keeping the bad news from Bubbles as to not harm the emotional well being of the chimp. It is as though the world stopped thirteen days ago and then collectively went insane.

Is something wrong with me when the world seems to be grieving so? Here I am searching the channels for real news about the economy, health care, etc., only to find that Michael Jackson's life and death transcends all such mundane topics.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm sorry that Michael died at such a young age. I like Michael's music, and cannot deny that MJ was a true genius. But being subjected to non-stop tabloid news for thirteen days is more than I can take.

That sound you just heard was me turning off the TV for another six months.


Twinky P* said...

Nothing wrong with you, Judith. I had to turn off the tv, too. Thank goodness Maddow's on vacation, or I'd have lost any respect for her milking the tabloid shit like Olberman did. Gak!

Luckily, one of my fave authors had another book out, and I'm making new curtains for my room. Woohoo. Anyhow, sheesh, MJ wasn't a holy relic, or John Lennon (who I think is also lionized way more than is necessary), MJ's a sad clown who killed himself trying to avoid the same crowds who can't get enuff of the sad clown schtick. And sorry, he wasn't all that cool a dancer, either, he had maybe 3 moves and used them for 20 years. Yawn. I just hope the kids get some therapy, because they've gotta be totally damaged at this point.

Judith said...

Twinky, it is just the further dumbing down of Americans. Our values and judgement on matters of importance have been so skewed, that we would spend thirteen days/nights on MJ.

Personally, I think MJ was a freak, talented yes, but still a freak.

Talk about the children needing therapy. Why in the world would you make a child take the microphone and declare her pain in front of an audience? The whole family is a freak side show.

Didn't know Olberman would jump on the band wagon. Shame on him.

Judith said...

The friggin State of California is solidly in the red, yet this display could cost as high as 4 million dollars. Oh, and they closed down the highway in Los Angeles so MJ's hearse could travel freely.

iamcoyote said...

He was of the circus, I guess you have to respect a circus-like farewell. Sheesh. We are a strange people.

I clicked over long enough to see who I guess was MJ's dad hugging Al Sharpton quite dramatically. Irony overload. You know, that Stargate movie on SciFi wasn't half bad.