Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Since my Mom was recently sick, I thought I'd share a little story from one particular Mother's Day.

I was 11 years old. I was thinking of that special gift to get my Mom for Mother's Day. I decided it was going to be the pretty dish plate on display in the local supermarket. It had beautiful roses painted on it and a raised etching saying, "Happy Mother's Day".

I rode to the store on my bike to get it. As I was coming home, getting off my bicycle, I dropped it...

As I was picking up the pieces, Mom came out front, she started helping me clean up my mess. She had absolutely no regard to my sensitivity or feelings. She just used the broom and dust pan and tossed it in the trash. I sat there stunned, like, how could you... I was not feeling much love for my Mother at the moment. By this time I was all emotional and crying... she said it was OK and it was the thought that mattered. Mom remained stoic the whole time.

I went inside and there on the table was the exact same pretty dish plate. My older brother had bought it an hour earlier. I looked at her in disbelief, she busted out laughing and said this was the best Mother's Day she had ever had. The whole family sat around the table and ended up laughing about the whole affair.

Mom, please stay healthy.

To all the Mom's: Happy Mother's Day!


iamcoyote said...

Aw, what a nice memory. My daughter made me some candles - she knows I love 'em like crazy. We had fun messing up the kitchen. Happy Mom's Day, everyone!

Seven of Six said...

Did you guys use tallow?

iamcoyote said...

Naw, it was that newfangled gel shit. What a mess. And she went overboard with the dye. There's blue everywhere. But the candles are cool!