Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, And Now...

West Virginia.

I hate me some crackers.

Can't I opt out of being a honky? Just for today? Please? Because my slack-jawed, NASCAR-watching, Boone's Farm and Sunday Baptist-bouffant-loving brethren are seriously making me want to puke into a trashcan. Bullshit sense of entitlement. Ugh.

I. Hate. White people. Okay? I hate them sooooooo much.


iamcoyote said...

Sorry to say this, but when this attitude goes nationwide in September, Obama's not going to have a chance. What would it have looked like if I went around after SC saying "I hate black people."

This is exactly how the GOP is going to paint Obama - and it will work.

Seven of Six said...

Fuckin' "A" Bubba!!

You know Milo, I was wondering the same exact thing. Why can't they just come out and call it the "cracker vote"? We all know what it is... why try and hide behind it? *not intended to hurt all you tolerant 'crackers'*

And to think Edwards got 7% of the vote.

idiosynchronic said...

3-4 months ago, these people Milo's speaking about weren't Hillary Clinton supporters. They were backing John Edwards.

I love John, but John's policy positions appealed to white entitlement issues, and his sex and race definitely appealed to a segment uncomfortable with Obama, Clinton, and to the small minority of voters whom knew who Bill Richardson was.

idiosynchronic said...

Seven beat me to it. Proof in the puddin'.

snark said...

300 million people in the country.

No one said they all have to like each other.

At least they're expressing their intolerance behind the curtain of a voting booth with a lever in their hand rather than under a sheet with a bat in their hand.

Despite the racist vote Obama's gonna get the nomination.

Question is, if the perception is that there's so much white racism that Obama doesn't stand a chance of winning a state like West Virginia, or Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana as Milo's post implies, would it be prudent for the Dems to withold the nomination from him? Is this election to important to risk on a guy who "the crackers" are gonna electorally lynch?

Seven of Six said...

I still think he will win PA, OH, and IN. WI, MN, VA and NC for that matter. And NM, CO, OR and WA out west.

A lot will depend on his V/P choice. He almost has to go with someone from the midwest like Strickland.

I bet if we compare turnout he blows McShame away. Basically, any Democrat will do.

Anonymous said...

Nobody who's thinking about the issue at all thinks Hillary will win WV in the general.

~ dj moonbat

snark said...

I know. Pardon my hyperbole. Perhaps I'm just struck by the need to hurl hate at "white people" when they don't have a monopoly on voting along racial lines. This fact having been amply demonstrated in this primary season. The reluctance of black voters to admit it in exit polls not withstanding.

The "white racists" aren't going to determine this election. Sorry if my sarcasm was lost in my original comment.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps I'm just struck by the need to hurl hate at "white people" when they don't have a monopoly on voting along racial lines."

African Americans have been a key component of the coalition that has kept the Democratic party afloat for the last several decades. They have voted for white democrats far more reliably than other key Democratic constituencies like Big Labor.

I think it's completely unfair to say that these people have been "voting along racial lines" in the same way that we say it about people who just won't vote for a black guy. The two situations are not remotely analogous. You're too sharp to buy this particular line of crapola, snark.

idiosynchronic said...

Re: DJ's comment - I think it's time to haul out an oldie but goodie - Electoral Vote.

The votemaster is currently seeing a state-by-state analysis that shows McCain winning the EV 290-237 v. Obama, & Clinton winning the EV 280-241. Clinton picks up WV, OH, & FL, keeping MI. Obama picks up CO. Both lose NH & WI, and both get IA.

Obama may be kicking McCain's can in national polling, but the national polls don't count.

So from this example, yes, the white cracker vote decides the election. But it's May, and the Democrats have been playing race politics in these areas since March. August or even October could look quite different.

Seven of Six said...

That's why Obama has to change the demographics. There is too much dissatisfaction for him not to win.

What is up with your links Id?

Seven of Six said...

And where is Freeman's ass?

Acts like he's in the Army or something!

Ripley said...

The problem isn't white people, specifically. It's bigoted people who think that skin color is the measure of a man. (Or, I'd add, that genitals are the measure of a person.) It's people whose sole means of feeling good about themselves and their place in the world is to look down upon some group for being different.

But, if I may wax philosophical, at the most fundamental level we all want the same things: security, opportunity, recognition, acceptance... It's our inability to recognize what we have in common that moves us to focus on our differences, and we're all the poorer for it.

Neither the nation nor the Democratic Party need "healing" - we need to stop the mental segregation of "us vs. them" and admit that we've acted foolishly; shake hands and put our shoulders to the wheel of crafting true progress for all of our neighbors; work together, shoulder to shoulder, without fear or bias or the dead weight of our personal pride.

We don't need to heal, we need to help.

Anjha said...

It is what it is.

Not more than 18 months to two years ago, the media were all asking "Is America ready for a black president?"

WTF do people think that we were being asked?

We were being asked if America has left enough of its racist past in the past to elect a president regardless of race. Now everyone seems to be surprised that there are portions of the country that are still racist.

If anyone saw John Stewart last night, it was exactly evident what was going on. He showed interviews with some of the people in West Virginia and the quotes were pretty horrendous - to me. To the people in W Virginia it was just like everyone thinks. No big deal.

In addition, there are polls that show that neither Clinton nor Obama gets the white working class vote against McCain.

If America did not still have a problem with biggots, then why is electing a black president or a woman president such a big deal?

I also don't get why everyone has such a problem admitting it. I think that there were people in W Virginia who voted for Clinton and there were people who voted against Obama.

I do not think that the "cracker" vote dooms us in the fall. I think that more of America has grown beyond the historical racism than the America still living in it.

Anjha said...

Here it is:

it is too funny