Friday, June 20, 2008

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit

Full list of capitulators here.

If you have not yet called your Representative and two Senators, please do so now. We have the slimmest possibility of a successful filibuster in the Senate...the slim prospect swells a little with every call to the Senate supporting it.

Greenwald's excellent rundown is well worth the read.

Wired has a fantastic article up as well as links to historical articles on the danger of this bill.

And, as always, Firedoglake is on top of it.

Telecom Immunity - Retroactive Immunity - is such a travesty. I was listening to the call-ins on the SPAN after the vote. Only one caller, out of about 10, Democrat and Republican, supported this vote. Of course, in his heavy southern accent, he pleaded with all of the ignorant callers to "remember 9/11 and the terrists!"

This Country does not support the destruction of our Constitution; the Congress members who underestimate the public's knowledge of what they are doing will be sorry in the fall.


Chris said...

This compromise could simply be an appeasement. I'd also like to speculate that there are more than likely a great number who are quietly working a filibuster.

idiosynchronic said...

Sure enough, Iowa Blue Dog Boswell, after defeating his progressive Democratic opponent, returned right back to form - fellating anything that has the fruity aftertaste of 'fighting terrorism'.

At least my current Rep Latham is a declared Republican coward.

idiosynchronic said...

Dennis Perrin slams the Democratic base. He makes a nice rebuttal. Offensively, but one that I certainly feel for, having been a Green voter in previous elections.