Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Crush

My first exposure to CBS reporter Lara Logan came about six months before I deployed. Amidst a sea of accomplices, this lone, unassuming war correspondent stood up, eyes flashing, to cable-news gasbag Howie Kurtz and put the media narrative on Iraq back in its place--on the Fiction shelf.

Now, some two years later, Ms. Logan has gone onto the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and delivered another hard right to the chin of America's cable news institutions. Plus, she offers tips on how to endear yourself to soldiers (insert author's swoon here).

Lara Logan, ladies and gentleman. Smart. Competent. Passionate. Professional. And SMOKING FUCKING HOT. Lonely progressive wonks everywhere, compose yourselves.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Mrs. Moonbat isn't here right now...

~ dj moonbat

idiosynchronic said...

I think Logan is one swimsuit poster away from being the fantasy girl for hordes of Liberal men.

Anjha said...

fantasy girl for hordes of Liberal men.

eh, given the opportunity, I'd probably do her too.