Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fear (of the Media) & Loathing (of the Government)

First, the loathing: Wikileaks has a shocking little governmental document - the US Special Forces Counter-Insurgency Manual. (via Jonathan Schwarz) It's chock full of the worst we've learned in Central America and other nations about suppressing the citizenry in favor of the 'Democratically Elected Governments' we support. Many of the lessons seem to have influenced our strategies and actions domestically post-911 and in occupied Iraq.

Iran-Contra: the mistake that keeps on giving, and in harmony with every wrong thing learned from Vietnam. It's just one more reason for me to despise Ed Muskie.

And now the fear - Politico has an article up that aims to scare the crap out of Democrats and the record numbers of independents supporting Obama. (via Pandagon) "Obama could pull a Gore 2000!" Nevermind that it's bloody unlikely right now.

Even though it's unlikely presntly, in a way, I'd like to see Politico's prediction have some real result in November. Because maybe it’d finally kill the goddamn Electoral College and drive states to reform Constitution in significant ways to reflect that we’re in the 21st Century. And with an EC reform or outright removal, the primary system is likely to get some much-needed reform as well.

2000 had batches of pundits and talking heads talking up the Electoral College and how it makes it possible to have a popular vote winner and EC vote winner, before that fateful Tuesday in November. The polling informed the Media and campaigns of how tight it could be in the days prior. And shenanigans and voter confusion simply made it even more uncertain.

But we’re months out now. Split electoral decisions right now are nothing but fear-mongering and the Media’s desire to create a perception of a tight race for news headlines.


Seven of Six said...

This election will be an Obama cake walk. If we can get the Hillary fans to fully support the Democratic nominee.

Where does Obama's weakness lie: white males.

Seven of Six said...

Hey, why didn't Milo's name and comment section appear above?

Anjha said...

Any line of shit to avoid talking about telecom immunity and the torture hearings.

The media goes to great lengths to avoid talking about the really important things that are going on.