Sunday, June 22, 2008


Chez has picked up the meme running around about McNasty as our real-life Saul Tigh.

Which probably explains why Earth was in the state it was at the mid-season cliffhanger. Tigh could fuck up a hot fudge sundae without someone else to lean on. John McCain, leading the world's only remaining nuclear superpower, would probably be the only other person (other than Dubya) who could blow up the planet without MAD or another superpower in opposition.

If we're to get really mean - it makes MoDo's subtle slam at Michelle Obama kid of tame. (via Pandagon) I'd rather be compared to the French president's POA than Ellen Tigh.


chris said...


McCain is our real-life Captain Queeg.

iamcoyote said...

I just got to watch Revelations, since the SciFi website only posted the episode yesterday. So that was the end of this part of the season? I laughed out loud when the camera panned out - I was so happy not to see the statue of liberty in the sand.

Still, the similarities of the Tighs to the McCains are uncanny.

idiosynchronic said...

Welcome back, sweetie!

Half the fans wanted the Statue of Liberty. Moore and Eick had to have been conscious of the comparison, and they struck the right balance in tone and for steering clear of the homage, which would have been way-over-the-top.

iamcoyote said...

Half the fans wanted the Statue of Liberty.

Really? It woulda turned the dramatic ending into a cheap laugh, it seems to me.

But I knew something was amiss when the Galactica just launched all the ships into the atmosphere without any kind of attempt at finding out what the people were like, if there were any, and if they'd think they were being attacked and launch missiles at the invaders! Still, it was good, and we didn't find out who the last Cylon was, did we?