Saturday, June 28, 2008

Way Cool Org

I mentioned earlier that I had volunteered to drive some doorbellers to their destination. I had never heard of this organization until today, but what a fabulous org that it is.

Washington Bus is an organization that gets young people involved in politics, civic duties and just plain having fun and making a difference.

I don't remember any kind of hanging out with young people when I was young that did not involve some keg in some woods and end in some running from the cops. So, imagine my surprise when I had the opportunity to meet these kids; not only do they care about their community, state, country and the planet...they are doing something about it.

What they do, when it comes to Bus Trips, is that they find a candidate that they support - a Progressive candidate - and they go through a training on how to doorbell, take a bus trip out the candidate's district and then go door to door pitching said candidate.

According to their website, 40 percent of today’s 15- to 25-year olds volunteer in their communities. W.O.W. It is so nice to be exposed to something positive for a change.

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Chris said...

Washington State! I'm from Oregon, moving to Washington in two weeks.

Republican philosophy is to 'shut up and blindly follow'. You most likely wont see much of this going on in a red state.

Two 'hips and a hooray for the great big blue pacific northwest!