Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So where do we go from here?

Three things are weighing on my mind today, 21 days after Ed Fallon lost his primary bid against Leonard Boswell.

One - Boswell, of course, voted with the rest of the Blue Dogs to help pass the FISA bill with its amnesties for telcos that helped the government spy on its' citizens. (No link - if you don't know about it, how the hell did you end up here?)

Two - Kos basically let the primary winners and incumbents know that when the Democratic Party has a firmer control 2010, those who vote against the progressive agenda will be challenged, and electorate willing, tossed. Their FISA vote will be remembered.

Three - but, Dennis Perrin gives a counter-argument of sorts - we're fools for thinking the means for our seizure of the government will be the Democratic Party. The Democratic party simply has happened to have the right people to bend to the will of outside political opinions.

In fact, much of the early civil rights movement was supported by communists and other radicals, while the early feminist arguments were made by anarchists like Emma Goldman. In these cases, the Dems, who were very slow to embrace either concept, were pressured by highly energized and politicized segments of the population. These activists didn't sit at computers, blogging about their personal concerns, hoping that the powers-that-be would be swayed by their posts and links; they organized, educated, marched, got clubbed, gassed, and arrested. They had decades of agitation behind them. They had independent political groups supporting them. They had spokespeople who made the case forcefully and eloquently.

Oddly enough, Dennis writes the real zinger earlier in the article.

One can speak of various alternatives, from grassroots organizing to self-education to politicizing the despised and forgotten, and if your suggestions don't end with voting for Better Democrats, most liberals will dismiss you as unserious. It must always come back to the mule team, regardless of what the Dems actually do or inevitably stand for. As I've said before, the vast majority of libs, especially those who blog, cannot and do not want to see a future where the Dems cease to exist. Hence their bottomless masochism, and their insistence that you join in.

It's easy this time to talk about electing Democrats. The independents want change and are willing to go with the obvious route to change - the Democratic Party. Those on the left and those in the Democratic Party are riding the wave and looking forward to the power that they're likely to achieve in November.

In 2010, the real bloodletting will erupt. That's when the various factions inside and outside Democratic Party will begin the real purity eliminations.

Meanwhile, those willing to be the adoring Boswells for the various powers & principalities that currently run the Union, still need to have their asses thrown out along the powers-that-be.

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