Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Full-On Flabbergasty


There's lipstick feminism, and then there's completely purposefully ignorant, batshit behaviour. All I can say is thank god Amy Winehouse has a husband, so we're spared this stupidity in addition to her smoking, drinking, shooting & snorting anything laid in front of her.

Moe: Pulling out always works for me"

Tracie: "And I know it's an irresponsible thing to day, but it's (Pulling Out) The Most Fun Way Not To Get Pregnant"

Moe: "I guess third guy, I ever had sex with, date raped me, and I got very mad at him, but I wasn't gonna fucking like turn him in to the police and fucking go through shit..

Lizz interrupts: "Why not, you see that's the problem, why not, I am just curious?"

Moe: Because it was a load of trouble and I had better things to do, like drinking more."

And I'll be dammed before I link to the Jezebel website, giving them attention they can gin up as affirmation for being willfully ignorant frat girls.

Updated Amanda: " . . they were trying to be outrageous and funny. And considering the fact that alcohol was flowing freely, it’s hard for me to get upset that they weren’t dazzling wits and instead going for shock value."

Shock value works a hell of a lot better when you're speaking the truth, and not trying to be sarcastically ironic while inebriated.


Seven of Six said...

The dumbing down of America.

idiosynchronic said...

I wish I could chalk it up to young immature twenty-something stupidity, but these women appear to be Sex And The City old.

Anjha said...

I did not get any "shock value" from them. I could not bring myself to watch the clips, I merely read the quotes and that was enough.

To me it seems the pure evil that is resignation. It seems obvious that it is just too hard to fight for women's equality and women's rights so they take what they *think* is the easiest way.

If they were just people who were living their life the way that they want to live it, that is one thing, but when they act is if they are representing some form of feminism and they have elevated themselves as a "role model" with followers, I think that this brings with it responsibility that they are not taking responsibility for.

It is terribly sad. It is sad for them and for all of the girls who think that this is an easier way to go.