Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Walmart", Said The Asshole

Oh my oh my oh my.

Personally, I think we're failing to see the other messages in the image - Walmart has moved away from the five-pointed "American" star it adopted in the early Nineties when it was touting the Made in America brand image, and has now adopted something . . well, star-ish, sunishine-ish . . vaguely bursting, anyway.

The burst could be considered an abstraction of the six pointed star that we associate with the Star of David. Which is odd, to me, because if you know people in Bentonville and Rogers, Arkansas, there's not many Jews. But Northwest Arkansas does have more than its fair share of End Timers and other Christian Zionists. I should know - my grandfather was one of them. But he also thought that the use of mechanical musical instruments, candles, and other worship trappings was, "unholy" in the "apostolic faith of his church."

There's also the notion that this is the first corporate logo to acknowledge the evil is really in the footnotes. So the logo itself begins to literally read: Walmart*
* cheap crap or
* soon to be named Buy 'n' Large or
* anti-union and proud of it!
. . but you get the idea. How convenient of the company to simply just adjust their coporate image to reflect that just about everyone subtitles the company name to their own tastes.

In that spirit, this link is very appropriate: The Unofficial Logo Redesign Contest. Heh, indeedy.


Seven of Six said...

But Northwest Arkansas does have more than its fair share of End Timers and other Christian Zionists.

Funny you should mention that location Id.
As a youngster, 18-19 I was hitchhiking around the country. Just saw my best friend in Mid-Eastern OK. Upon departing I was getting out of state by going through Northwest Arkansas up to MN.

I stopped in a town for water, lunch and an ice cream. Headed out and got shot at! Needless to say my long hair wasn't going over well there!

idiosynchronic said...

Oh really? Do tell. Was it a warning shot or did the bastards give you a fair ticking off before trying to plink you?

NW Arkansas in certain respects has radically changed from what it was 40 years ago, and in some other ways (& places) it hasn't aged a bit.

Seven of Six said...

Now that you mention it I was warned by a cop to keep moving. Shit, it was just a roadside diner, nothing in the middle of town, Bentonville I think. Then I hit the road, trying to hitchhike out. Blam! A warning shot, cause there wasn't another one. It did ring off the stop sign I was standing next to.

Got picked up in MO by a gay elderly man who wanted sex. Then the best ride of all. A black guy gave a ride all the way to Des Moines. Fed me at his mother's house, took me to the highway rest spot. Yeah, I got some story's on that trip.