Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting It Right On The Second Try

You can smell where this is going. Our Republican Government, which botched the first disaster 3 years ago, is about to get a make-over as a competent manager of disaster relief. They'll get it right (at least the initial part where the news cameras will be on) and in the eyes of the media, be redeemed.

The Media is writing the narrative already. (Bless Athenae)

"It's an opportunity!" the operatives boldly state. (h/t to EV)

I hope to god I'm wrong. And I hope that provenance sees fit to deliver the gulf coast a miracle.

Update: Don't miss tristero's post comparing the Democratic and Republican responses to the hurricane. It fits perfectly into what I'm seeing - the GOP is using this as a marketing opportunity and the news media is rewarding them by enabling it.

And now that the primary battle is long over, Krugman is posting sense again.

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