Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kicking Ass, Reported and Unreported

Dennis Perrin:
Much of this happened in Denver, and except for Glenn Greenwald, who made some critical noise about the overwhelming police presence protecting the corporate few, not many libloggers created a fuss, especially once the Dem superstars emerged to beckon and wow the faithful. At that point, any possible concern liberals might have had about police state measures flew out the window. Meanwhile, antiwar dissidents were clubbed, pepper sprayed, and arrested by Denver's finest, while the majority of Democrats were applauding their political bosses and weeping about "change."

Of course many of the protests that occurred in Denver were kept low-key. A desire to win the White House back, even by the portions of the left prone to protest, makes them amiable to keeping it quiet or even accepting low-level favors by the Dems in return for not protesting. Oddly enough - even though 'blac bloc' and other anarchists despise Democrats as much as they do Republicans, violence and police confrontation in Denver was certainly a rarity. It makes you wonder why.

Non-charged reporting of yesterday's protests:
Authorities say splinter groups caused most of protest violence
Mass show of peaceful dissent soon makes violent descent
250 protesters arrested, including Amy Goodman

I want to know - who the fuck are the jackasses whom always have to start the violence?


Anjha said...

Police seized several laptop computers, digital cameras, schedules and 7,000 "welcoming guides" organizers planned to distribute to people coming to the Twin Cities for demonstrations. They also seized several gallons of urine and various tools activists use to link themselves together during protests.

This is that part that really pisses me off - the pre-emptive raids. Ya - which Party does that sound like?

I am angry that no one in the corporate media seems to want the rest of the world to know about that little piece of Fascism.

These assholes are really frightening...and about the "violent" breakouts, Id - I wonder how many of those are provacateurs?

snark said...

What the hell's the urine for?

Anjha said...

What the hell's the urine for?


Don't know of any protests using urine. Perhaps there was no such thing and that tidbit was released to make the protestors look bad?

idiosynchronic said...

Would you ask your wife to look this up, snark? Street protest medics believe the urea in it helps flush out Capsaicin, the active ingredient in pepper spray.

I think that the left has got a real problem with provocateurs - both those whom profess liberal politics as well as police and other social control agencies whom want to discredit liberals. Unfortunately, I see very little means which to control these assholes since we're unlikely carry our own firearms or tasers in peaceful marches.

Hmm. I wonder if hiring Fruit of Islam as self-security is an option . .

snark said...

So you mean they splash it in their faces after getting pepper sprayed?


Anjha said...

I just heard that the bucket of pee was because the house they broke into had a broken toilet.

Thom Hartmann was just interviewing Amy Goodman who was there at the house where the pee was taken from and was talking about all of the police state tactics.