Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Talking Point

McCain wants us to believe that Palin is ready to be President of the United States when the campaign openly admits that she is not ready to deal with a press conference.

She's not a "pitbull." She's a bully and a coward.

The press needs to do their job and Palin needs to be made available to them.


Anjha said...

Found it. Here's the article I was looking for where McCain camp says she's not comfortable meeting with the press.


iamcoyote said...

I think it's like digby says; they're trying to bully the media into accepting totally scripted interviews, plus they're getting free advertising as media countdowns help build up manufactured suspense to make sure that when she finally does show up again, everyone will turn and look. Just like Obama's VP countdown, really. They've stolen catchphrases and music from the dems, why not tactics as well? The McCain camp wants the media to be drooling for an interview by the time Palin 2.0 is debuted, so they can have complete control. I wonder if she'll come out with the hair down, the clothes snazzier, and the glasses gone, like in one of those teen movies where the supposedly ugly girl gets a swipe of lip gloss and becomes a hottie. I wouldn't put it past McCain's brain trust to give Palin a makeover, then call Dems sexist if they say anything about it.

More'n likely, though? She's gone to AK to help intimidate the rest of the witnesses into not giving depositions in troopergate. They don't want that popping up in Oct. so you can be sure they've now got the might of the US gov't to help tamp down that li'l inconvenience. We'll see what kind of narrative Obama throws out in the meantime. If his ads on McCain's abortion stance are any indication, he means to get them to nail down their position, thus giving Obama the opening to talk about her extremist views on women's issues. It might be a good angle of attack on Palin. Let's talk, Sarah, where exactly do you stand on choice? On equal pay?

Seven of Six said...

She was in Co. Springs, CO with McRube today. Paying homage to Dobson and his "Focus on the Family" breathren... heathens.

I can't believe I lived in that town for 14 years!

Anjha said...

Look, McCain campaign thinks no one needs to know anything.

they hate the voters

And their hating of the press is backfiring.

Anjha said...

I agree Coyote that counting it will just make people focus on it...I am just talking about making a big deal out of her chicken shit ways.

The press is going to pay attention no matter what.