Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Lollipop and Some Sunshine

I just need a little feel good Bits and Pieces.

A Non-Fiction Camelot

"Elect Barack Obama. That way, we get the gift of seeing two people having an easeful friendship with each other. We get as a role model two people who communicate with each other as equals and stand beside each other as true partners. If we elect Barack Obama we are electing a new possibility in our relationship lives as a nation: respect, affection and authenticity. Michelle and Barack speak clearly and openly. You know she won't bullshit you or embarrass you by playing the demure little wife. We're ready to see that kind of relationship, and we hope you are, too. The question is: are we as a nation ready to end our national addiction to duplicity, phony adoration and Stepford wifedom in the White House?"

I really do like their relationship and I think that it is high time that America have some of that reality to hang our hats on. Wouldn't it be nice to watch how a self-confident, self-assured man interacts with and Loves a self-confident, self-assured and powerful woman? It is a role-model relationship that I think America would benefit from. It makes me smile.

Debate poll internals.

"The CBS poll of undecideds has more confirmatory detail. Obama went from a +18 on "understanding your needs and problems" before the debate to a +56 (!) afterward. And he went from a -9 on "prepared to be president" to a +21."

Wow. Those are amazing numbers. No wonder the McCain camp is spinning his 'win' so substantially. I actually heard one of their surrogates claim that "McCain was the professor and Obama was the student." Heh. McCain the professor?! (I thought being a professor was a bad thing?) This made me smile too.

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h/t to CG at homebase. This made me smile too.

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