Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stewart/Colbert '12

(I just can't shut up . . )

After the 2006 Correspondents' Dinner [in which Colbert gave a scathing satirical speech about Bush with the President right in front of him, earning some hardcore Beltway backlash], Jon said, ''You touched it. You got close enough to touch it, and it got on you.'' Then more than a year passed, and I got kicked off the ballot in South Carolina during my brief presidential run. I had actually been on the phone with people in South Carolina, telling me I was gonna be fine. People were on the phone lying to me. And I called Jon and said, ''I touched it...again.'' That was disappointing. I thought I could put myself all the way in it and not feel it, but I did. I realized, ''I understand, maybe, why people end up not being so good.'' Because they get lied to a lot.
What does it say when the court jesters are the only ones speaking the truth? If nominated, both Jon and Stephen would have to kill themselves before they were elected out of shame.

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Anjha said...

You're on fire, Id.

On the other hand, I am dragging my sick ass around trying to hold it together with a big work project undone and due yesterday, a sink full of dishes and a floor that needs to be vacuumed before I trip over the filth.

I have been sick and getting sicker for the last few weeks and I have to wait til Monday (unless I find my way to the ER) to get any steroids. Doc A is afraid to intercede on Doc B's expertise because roids might hinder a different immune suppressing drug on Monday morning. Meanwhile, I would kill for some prednisone and if I could by it on the street I might just be down on the ave.

Hence my crankiness and inability to be sympathetic to anyone or anything. I am tired and I am pissed and I cannot wait for something to be different. The election seems to be the only thing that will bring some great change and a new reality to my existence....well, that or some Prednisone.