Monday, October 20, 2008

Field Trip for SoS

I am so sick of the culture wars and crap that are swirling around the upcoming election. I was accused of being a Socialist by a man in my neighborhood while doorbelling for Obama yesterday. It did not make me stop, but it was incredibly discouraging. The McCain campaign is purposely fomenting violence and encouraging division in a way that will only lead danger, for all of us.

So, instead of getting discouraged, I thought that I would focus on an article that I ran across by mistake.

"Huge Field of Dinosaur Tracks Found"

More than 1,000 dinosaur footprints along with tail-drag marks have been discovered along the Arizona-Utah border. The incredibly rare concentration of beastly tracks likely belonged to at least four different species of dinosaurs, ranging from youngsters to adults.

The article says that because they found such a wide range of sizes of tracks that mothers were walking around with babies. (Cute.) The article calls the area "a dance floor" for dinosaurs and says that there were many different species who gathered there about 190 million years ago.

After reading this article, I can't help but think that this whole election and all of the crap that I worry about, from losing my home to being unable to walk, is really just that: crap. It just does not mean much when I think about the fact that 190 million years ago there were enormous creatures wandering around the south west of the United States. It makes my current worries and anxieties miniscule in comparison.

It also made me think that this would be a great field trip for SoS. It's practically in your back yard! You could go and fill us all in on the details and post pictures for all to see. Just a thought.

Yes, I have been reduced to living vicariously through the vacations of others. I actually enjoy seeing slide shows of people's summer trips.

Well, I have wasted most of another day, yet again. I now have to get to work. Have a great day everyone. Strange times, strange times.

(Hopefully someone will send this article to Sarah Palin, who believes that dinosaurs lived with humans 5 million years ago. She would only claim that it was a conspiracy of the 'liberal media,' but it would be fun to see her face.)


iamcoyote said...

Way cool! I would love to see the place before a bunch of godbots vandalize it with human footprints.

snark said...

Humans existed 5 million years ago?

iamcoyote said...

Don't ask me, I'm not good with dates.

Anjha said...

Rachel had pics last night on her show, it was very cool. I do not think anything can leave footprints there anymore. It seemed like it had not rained where the prints were since they were made.

In order to answer your question snark, I would have to attend Palin's church and I am unwilling to do that.

I am not sure what it says in the Bible about when humans were created, but that is the time period we are talking about. Whenever they were created, all life was created, including the dinosaurs.

Sheesh. Do I have to explain everything.

Seven of Six said...

Humans existed 5 million years ago?

They were little Palin like creatures, part cannibal.

iamcoyote said...

I was referencing a story I read about godbots carving human footprints into places where dino prints were found, or just creating their own dino/human prints kinda like the fake bigfoot stuff. I can't remember where I saw it, but it supposedly happened.