Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Polls

I'm sure that you all have heard about the new poll showing Obama with his widest lead yet.

When I woke up this morning and turned on MSNBC, I was a little surprised at what I was hearing. Here was the analysis, in summary.

When John McCain acts like an asshole, the people actually perceive him to be an asshole.

When John McCain runs his campaign like a great big dick, the people see him as a great big dick. The voters really do not like big dicks.

When Sarah Palin acts like a moron, the people question her ability to be Vice President.

When Sarah Palin riles up her crowds and foments violence, the voters notice that she is fomenting violence and riling up her crowds.

In summary, when John McCain and Sarah Palin show that they are cruel, unqualified, have poor temperament and seek to divide the Nation rather than bring us together - the people actually prefer the candidate who appears qualified, calm and seeks to bring us together.

It was one of the most interesting, no shit analyses that I have ever heard.

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iamcoyote said...

I must say, I've been watching a lot of tv news lately, and though a lot of McCain's talking points get through, he is generally disliked, and every little misstep he and Palin have made has been examined. The media is finally catching on to the ACORN shit, though not fast enough, but McPalin unfavorables are insanely high. People just don't like 'em. And the dead bear cub, I believe, pretty much brought their supporters' nastiness to the forefront, too. General impression: they're icky. At least around here.