Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palpatine, Where art thou?

As Anjha noted earlier this week, emotions are running high. A little too high.

Some of the people getting high are getting rough though.

The Blueshirts they aren't. Yet.

So far, we have individuals in non-organized little groups of demonstration whom individually provoke violence or use intimidation. The crap being committed is more passive-aggressive than it is violent. They aren't yet wearing the Blue Shirts of Freedom. They don't all yet attend group meetings (even online, they're not a 'group' - yet.), contribute to the group (solely or largely), or identify with one icon or image.

They identify as Conservative more than Republican still. Their brand is in disarray and suffers from weakness in leadership. They lack a Demagogue. So far.

They also lack enough idle and angry hands. Right now.

So all we have a bunches of people who wish that they could wear a Blue Shirt, but they don't even know they need one, much less that it's Blue.

Now in 5 or 10 years, after Sarah Palin or the next big thing has been a talk radio voice, and then runs for president - then I'll be worried.

It'll be then the Blueshirts will start appearing in our streets.


Anjha said...

Crap Id, that is as scary as this.

I was going to write a post about it but I don't want to keep looking at it.

It looks like a Halloween gag...but they say it is real.


Anjha said...

Id, do you have a link.