Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Needed This

Seriously too cool.

Especially for a massive Beatles and art fan (as our household is.)

I had to have a nasty test this morning and I am really miserably ill. I have been trying to hold my head above water but it is doubly difficult because I feel tremendously guilty for missing work and for not doing enough to help during this election. I am just ill and inflamed and flared up right now and it sucks. I do not want to be like this - especially not right now. I am trying not to be so lame and to not indulge in self-pity, but things are just icky.

The video made me smile. So does the print. Cool huh?

UPDATE: Duh, I forgot to provide the link to the print. Duh. It is only $20.00 - for a limited edition of 3,000. That is cheap!


iamcoyote said...

Sorry to hear you're not up to snuff. Don't beat yourself up about not contributing, you're doing what you can. Totally great video, I think I'll order a print. Turned out really nice!

Seven of Six said...

That really is nice Anjha.
BTW take it easy...

Anjha said...

Thanks guys.

Yesterday just sucked. A little better today, just because it is not yesterday (and I can have coffee this morning.)

Ya, I ordered two prints. I went to order one and I thought - crap, 20 bucks, free shipping, I'm getting two.

They are really cool. My kid and I went through yesterday and identified all of the people, in both. How fun.

People are so talented. I am always just incredibly impressed with people who are creative like this.

Seven of Six said...

I could have sworn Vonnegut was in the picture but his name wasn't listed.