Saturday, November 1, 2008


The Right Wing has become increasingly rabid. I become ill, literally, when Sarah Palin comes across the TeeVee screeching her disgusting lies. She really is a piece of work and her bullshit has encouraged the other hate mongers to come out in droves. Here is a small compilation of the hatred that they are spreading.

Click read more to see the disgusting actions of the Right Wing.

Cunningham alleges that Obama wants to “gas the Jews.”

Savage accuses anyone who supports equal rights in CA of being anti-family and anti-God.

Hannity refuses to apologize for his hate spreading.

Rose Tennent claims that the people in Obama’s ad aren’t really struggling.

DHS helps in smearing Obama.

Conyers makes clear that the DHS leak is illegal.

GOP mailer suggests Obama presidency could lead to a second Holocaust.

Anonymous Liberal tells the truth about the “redistributionist” smear. h/t Paradox

Liddy claims that the “welfare class” will elect Obama.


Palin’s angry mob rally (yes, another one.)

Another Obama socialist mailer.

Obama repeatedly compared to Hitler.

All of these disgusting tactics are new. They just popped up on websites today. What's worse is that I could have kept going, there were more everywhere that I looked.

How horrible is the GOP to continue this shit? They want to divide us. They want to exploit fear and hatred. They want to kill the goodness in America. When they kill the goodness then what is left?

The contrast between Obama messaging and McCain messaging is so stark. I cannot imagine anyone being pulled into the McCain-Palin mind set. Their hate fests are evil. I just do not understand it.

What I do know is that if we are going to stop this crap in our country, then we absolutely must stop this. We cannot allow these people to be rewarded for their hatred. Every single vote for John McCain rationalizes and legitimizes what they are doing. That alone is enough to vote Obama. Let’s take back our country. Please, America, stop the hatred.


iamcoyote said...

Basically, they're emptying their chum bucket, hoping something will work. It's too late, I think. Can't wait 'til it's over, though.

idiosynchronic said...

All of these disgusting tactics are new.

This is where I have to disagree - these attacks are nothing new and there's more going on here than desperation.

We saw similar but not so heinous attacks like this late in the game in 2000 & 2004. This is election 101 - these attacks do two things, rally the base of the attacking party (the Republicans here are wigging out with this silliness) and depress participation. People see this crap and just say fuck it all. After the W. elections, the republican strategists are going to use the same tactics because they "won", even thought their candidate and the electorate are so not in the same place.

And reach back further - when Clinton ran in 1992, the crap like this began in the campaign and continued through the impeachment. It is designed to divide the electorate, give the GOP a kicked underdog poor loser grudge, and discredit the winning party. The GOP got caught unawares and there was no single figurehead in 2006, so we escaped this crapola then.

When Bill Clinton started his first term, he had a similar situation and he looked about as teflon as Reagan against the blatantly false rumours. And then it all went downhill from there.

Hillary Clinton has never been as teflon as her husband and Obama had some protection because of his celebrity and novelty. And this is what I feared if she won the nomination. It's totally unfair, but its obvious that this style of negative campaigning is still the bread and butter of the GOP.

The GOP knows it's lost the 2008 campaigns. They are now setting the tone for the next 4 years of opposition and beyond. It's up to Democrats and the greater electorate to fight that tone vigorously and not let 1996 happen again.

Anjha said...

This is where I have to disagree

Sorry, Id, I should have been more clear. I did not mean that these are "new tactics" - I meant that these are today's examples of their use of the same old smear tactics. What I meant was that all of that shit listed happened within the last 2 days. All of it.

Meaning that they are rabid, freaking out, doing everything that they can to "take us down."

They are vicious and frightening. I do see them as rabid hyenas (sp?) - in a cage and lashing out, teeth exposed, gnashing jaws, barking, growling, drool all over. They are losing it. (In all ways.)