Monday, November 24, 2008

Color Me Surprised

Amazon's reported Top Sellers this morning when I added something else to my Christmas list:

Here's the link to Team of Rivals. To my knowledge, a 2 year-old paperback rarely makes the Top Sellers list. I thought it was a static database query, but unless everyone online is buying this thing, Top Sellers must also be influenced by purchase and gift history.

What are you thankful for, and reflecting that dissatisfaction (*grin*), what are you asking for this Christmas?


Seven of Six said...

I'm thankful for the great Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert I saw last night with my family. They never disappoint.

My boy brought a friend who had never been to concert before in his life. He loved it...

Thankful my Dad got through one of his rougher stretches of bad health. Amazing what constipation and incontinence can do to the elderly.
Mom is finally able to take him back to his day care facility on a part time basis.

I'm not asking for much this Christmas... I did buy a bike earlier this month that I plan on riding much more. Only been out a couple of times so far.
The wife wants a laser skin treatment for her face... why, I'm not sure but if she's more secure that way, whatever.
The boy wants his typical games and movies, not much else.

Anjha said...

I need cash. Lots of it. That's it.

I am asking though for donations to organizations that I support, in my name, instead of the usual kitsch that is passed around by family. I do not need any "things" - only money.

I am grateful for my child and that we are still living in our home...for now. I decided to cook a turkey (though I am doing it Friday instead of Thursday, because I need one more day to get my shit together - plus, some friends that I am inviting need Thursday for families) because this might be one of the last events that I get to do here.

I really love my home. When we did the forced remodel 2 years ago, I designed every little detail of my house. All the trim, everything. I love it and I want to save it - but this can only be done if SSDI comes through.


I am really getting tired of fighting them.

So, I am grateful for my kid and for my home, but that gratitude is tempered with terror.

Anjha said...

PS. I did hear that "Team of Rivals" sales were increasing massively ever since every pundit in America has referenced it at least 20 times in the last 3 weeks.

Seven of Six said...

Jeebus Anjha, still fighting for your SSDI... WTF? How many times did they turn you down? Did you hire a lawyer? I'm aware they want a percentage off the top but they do know the system. Of course, by now, you must understand SSDI better than those fucks.

Do you still have my e-mail?

Anjha said...

Yes to all of the above.

My atty is from an advocacy project - not that this means that she is not qualified or that she can't do a good job - only that she has a million clients.

It is BS. Real BS. I have more diagnoses than SS can count - they just do not want to pay out. It is really horrendous. I just keep on keepin on, what else can I do?

I will send you an email with my google address, that one is easier for me to deal with because I am not on as many mailing lists over there.