Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Madness of the Young Republicans

The Great Orange Satan has a fascinating little article, Faculty Advisor Resigns "Ashamed" of Young Conservatives of Texas Blacklist.
Before the Presidential election, the YCT chapter at Texas A & M University hosted an "Anti-Obama Carnival". The fun included throwing eggs at a photograph of now President-Elect Barack Obama on the TAMU campus. Even at a campus well known for its conservative views, this "egg toss" at the then Democratic nominee caused remarkable push back by other students who observed the spectacle.

. . However, the TAMU chapter of the YCT’s remained true to their wing nut role models and turned their focus to blacklisting. In short, the YCT decided to plaster and pass out flyers with pictures and names of TAMU faculty members who had signed a petition opposing the "demonization" of Bill Ayers.
This reminds me of 1993 - I was living in the dorms at my conservative land grant University and the Young Republicans club had grown from a dozen to several dozen since the election of "Slick Willy" Clinton. Their favored method of advertising for meetings and fundraisers was to make 8.5x11 posters with graffiti-ed pictures of the Clintons and other Democrats and then annotate some of the most hateful invective I'd ever read into the Democrats' public statements.

It's deja vu all over again.


Anjha said...

Holy Crap, Id. According to the article the YCT are glad that the faculty advisor resigned because they did not "trust" him anyways....after all, the horrible man "had a Barack Obama sign in front of his house."

How they knew that is a little disconcerting; if I were advising a group of young thugs like this, I certainly would not want them to know where I live.


I sure hope that Obama neutralizes enough "real Republicans" (you know, the ones who actually practice the Conservatism of Goldwater and not the neo-Conservatism of DeLay and Gingrich) so that we can marginalize all of these extremist bastards. I am not looking forward to a repeat of the nineties.

idiosynchronic said...

I think it's going to be the Nineties on meth.

So far Obama has been untouchable, but if the man gets caught screwing his wife in the Oval, it's over.