Friday, November 7, 2008


One of the things that I have appreciated about Obama is his ability to see things in a big-picture way and to anticipate possible difficulty and develop solutions long before the situation actually presents itself.

Obama is a big picture guy. That is what is impressive about him. He was not a "tactic" obsessed candidate like McCain, Barack Obama was completely strategically focused. The most telling moment in the debates was when McCain accused Obama of not knowing the difference between a tactic and a strategy - I think that everyone watching that debate knew that the opposite was true. I believe that that moment helped to sink McCain.

Josh at TPM points out just how "radical" that Barack Obama is. Radical enough to understand that the Constitution is the boss of them all.

Josh linked to the very thing that I like most about Obama and what I most look forward to in an Obama Administration. Planning, foresight, anticipation and transparency. He also demands involvement from us.

Obama is putting every plan and every idea up front for us to be a part of.

He has a page to share our vision.

He has a page to share our stories.

He is also taking applications!

He also prominently links to the GSA site that explains the presidential transition in detail.

Truthfully - can anyone - even ardent McCain supporters, imagine John McCain being this organized, inclusive and transparent? John McCain may be a number of things - but he is not a man of foresight. He does not see things in a big picture way. He would not include us in his Administration.

I have long believed that Barack Obama's strength as a Community Organizer, his belief that change happens from the bottom up, would lead to a presidency that would make it easy and demand that the people are involved. I have believed that he would demand that we pay attention to our government and stay involved - the opposite of which allows presidents to get away with the crap that GW Bush got away with. I think that this website is a start in that direction.

Damn. I am impressed.

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