Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's Up With That?

Yesterday I was actually moved by President Bush's statement congratulating Barack Obama. I felt that he was being "honest" and that Bush was actually really "impressed and proud" of Barack Obama and his victory.

I was confused by those feelings.

Now, this morning, Bush just spoke to his executive staff and Cabinet, talking about "cooperation" and "a smooth transition" and how a smooth transition is "a part of a functioning democracy."

Ya, he said all that stuff. Again I am impressed and confused by my feelings.

Honestly, I have been secretly prepared on some levels for Bush to declare Martial Law and stop the elections or stop the transfer of power or whatever. Now, his seeming cooperation and actual speaking the right words and appearance of wanting to do the right things confuses me greatly.

Is this a last ditch effort to try to redeem himself? Is he trying to preserve some of his legacy by hoping that history remembers how well he handled the transition instead of how poorly he governed? Is this all to calm us down and take away our angst in order to catch us off guard?

Seriously - I am really confused by his behavior. Somebody tell me please, what is up with that!?!?


Seven of Six said...

I heard the same bu$h comments Anjha. Are you out of your mind? ;)

Remember when bu$h says something, believe the opposite. It has always been that way and it's still true to this day. I think this fucker will intentionally mislead and lie to Obama.

I think bu$h will do some scrambling in the last week to save his cronies hides. Lots of pardons coming. The ones that don't get them will be caught off guard.

Obama has a lot to absorb the next few weeks. I think he will remain quiet, listen and learn. He's really vulnerable now, I pray for his protection.

Of course take everything I say with a grain of salt. As of now, my tin foil hat is screwed on especially tight.

Seven of Six said...

I didn't comment on the 360 thing Anjha because my boy has become addicted to the thing. I feel it's retarded his educational growth. Of course it's escapism so I let him indulge it. It's when he prefers to do that over his homework, going outside to play or arguing over his chores that pisses me off. It has become a constant argument. I use that (practically) solely as a condition for grounding now, it's his worst fear.

I have it down to weekend usage only during school. But really the kid would play it 24 hours a day if he could. One day I let him play until it made him sick because he hadn't eaten. My thinking was that it would cure him, it didn't. He will forego food, liquids, bathroom breaks for that damn thing. But at least he's a loving, sensitive, stay out of trouble kid. I guess I still love him. ;)

snark said...

Regarding Bush, I think he will do everything he can to make the transition smooth. Just as he says. He has nothing to gain but additional scorn from the American people if he doesn't. He is concerned about nothing but "his legacy". He still thinks, despite what the people think, that he has been a great president. If you view his comments with that in mind it makes them that much easier to understand.

Regarding video games. They are not permitted in our house. The kids have educational type computer games and they can access free kids games from sites like Nick Jr. But that's it.

Seven of Six said...

Regarding video games. They are not permitted in our house.

A bit easier with girls... maybe? ;)

Anjha said...

My kid is extremely well-balanced (I have no friggin idea where he gets that.)

We never really restricted him from things (except smoking and drinking and drugs...) Even when he was little, if he wanted a piece of candy before pre-school that was fine, if he wanted leftover meatloaf for breakfast, whatever. It led to him trusting himself to make decisions and it also took away the attraction of "I want this because I can't have it."

For the video game thing, we just did not have a system until a couple of years ago. He got a - whatever that hand held thing is called (I am such a dork) - when he was about 10 and obsessed about it for a while because it was new, but now he uses it mostly only for road trips and stuff. He did get fairly obsessed about the online video game (can't remember what it is called either, it has the Manga-like characters and they go through little cartoon worlds kind of like what Mario looks like but more colorful) and I think that he likes that so much because he and his friends can play together even when they are all at their own homes.

We finally purchased the xBox two years ago because we found a really good deal on it via Craig's list when we went to look at something else. Mostly he only plays that with friends when they are over here.

So, as far as the investment in the 360, this is the first time that we have done that. This is his "big present" which is a combined birthday and Christmas. Normally he gets one big present.

This year the stuff on his list was incredibly expensive because he wants really intense software. He is teaching himself how to write games and web design, etc. So he wants animation software and other developer software which is really big money.

The XBox is kind of a cool investment because it allows for family and stuff to buy the accessories and games etc so that he ends up with what he really wants rather than a bunch of "toys" that he is really too old for.

The only thing I ever restricted were toy guns. Those, however, made it past the restriction when squirt guns and water pistols somehow escaped the ban. He has, however, always had a ton of toy swords, real swords and light sabers.

Seven of Six said...

He has, however, always had a ton of toy swords, real swords and light sabers.

Ok, I'm convinced, your son and Tristan would get along great!

Seven of Six said...

What the hell is going at TLC? Can anyone else get in?

Milo said...

See, I dunno. The Bush I've seen in the last few months is broken, isolated. He rarely makes appearances anymore, and then they are his old swagger is gone. I think he's finally realized what an anchor around his neck his legacy is going to be. I think he's realized he's going to have to live out the rest of his days like that, and I think it's gotten to him.

I'm not saying he's not still a prick and an ignoramus. I'm just saying that karma's a bitch, and I think he knows it now.

Also, Anjha, I have the 360 Elite. I love it, but yes, it was def. pricey. Main thing about it, aside from the storage, is that it possesses built-in HD-DVD components, plus a slightly different graphics card. Case fans are better, too, so on the whole the entire machine runs better, faster, and quieter than standard versions. That being said, I paid almost 500 dollars for it, and even now it's still hovering around 4. My advice? Get the 60 GB Hard Drive, and do it on Amazon. Also, ask your kid if he knows anything about "Mirror's Edge." That game is just coming out, and I think he might like it.

Anjha said...

I got the Elite. 120 GB. Husband thinks that if we are going to invest in electronics/computer shit, we have to get top of the line because it will be obsolete in a year or so if you don't.

I will check out the game.

Thanks Milo.