Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Return of the Pickler

Nedra Pickler.

In case you're not familiar with the name.

Nedra filed a AP story Thursday that indicates she hasn't reformed her old routines and cut-downs of Democrats in power.
His choice Thursday for White House chief of staff — Rahm Emanuel, a fiery partisan who doesn't mind breaking glass and hurting feelings — is a significant departure from the soft-spoken, low-key aides that "No-Drama Obama" has surrounded himself with during his campaign.

And transition chief John Podesta, like Emanuel, is a former top aide to Bill Clinton and a tough partisan infighter, though less bombastic than the new chief of staff.

The selections are telling for Obama, who campaigned as a nontraditional, almost "post-partisan" newcomer.
And who got first question at Obama's first post-election presser? Nedra.

I leave it to other minds to decide if its coincidence.

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Anjha said...

I don't know what people's problem is with Rahm. I get that he is a little too DLC for my tastes, but as COS his job will not be about the DLC or even about pushing policy - unless it is the president's policy. Rahm's job will be to get shit done. Which, he is really fucking good at.

In addition Rahm knows both sides of PA Ave very, very well. I think that it is an excellent decision because it will, again, be a way to hit the ground running with a staff ready to move and produce results.

Right now, that is all that I care about is results. Rahm is the guy to help to accomplish that.

I met him once, at an event for Darcy Burner in 2006. He was great. Very receptive to speaking with everyone. Very results oriented. Very intelligent and a go-getter. I like the guy...maybe because he talks like I do.

As for Nedra - like all of the pundits they have to try to attempt to show that "Obama is partisan too!"

After 8 years of the most partisan president ever and 20 years of a Right Wing movement driven by fanatics and idealogues, the press wants to attempt to be "balanced" in their reporting and search everywhere for some "equivalent" example of Obama's partisanship.

It is crap, of course. Their is an extreme difference between being a partisan, like the Bushies and being a strong Democrat, like Rahm and Podesta. Strong Democrat, in itself, does not automatically mean "partisan" - partisanship is how you act out your ideologies not whether or not you have them.

Speaking of post-partisan - John King is currently interviewing Schwarzanegger (sp?) on CNN and he sounds like a fucking Democrat. Blah, blah, blah stimulous package, blah, FDR, blah, blah infrastructure, blah, blah Prop 8 is unconstitutional. Why doesn't he just switch parties already?

And, why does the media never point out that Arnold was a failure until he started acting like a Democrat?