Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fuck Bi-Partisanship

I am done. It is only one week into this new flowery world of getting along with the rabid Right and I.Am.Done.

(Rest of the rant on the flip side.)

These bastards are spreading their lies and their fairy tales all across the TeeVees all weekend and the gawd-damned Democrats – who we elected to stand up against these dickwads – are clueless as to how to play this game of political theatre. Do we not have one single friggin’ Democratic spokesperson who can speak in sound bites? Is there no one on that Hill who can get our message across? What is wrong with these people? Jeebus.

Then, I hear on the MSNBC this morning, and also find it here, that the Democrats might drop the Medicare change provision from the stimulus that waives the waiver waiting period for contraception to be included in state programs. Are you kidding me?! Just because gawd damned John Boehner released a sound bite about birth control that freaked the Dems out they are going to cave rather than explain to the sheeple what this provision really does? That pisses me off to no end. (What you are reading now is an only slightly expanded upon version of what the staffers at my Senator’s and Representative’s office heard this morning…)

I realize that that the pundits spun this provision to sound like we were becoming China in advocating birth control…but, it was not a mandate for Christ sake – it was offering people choices! When people have to cut costs what is the first to go? Usually it is medications that we justify that we can “skimp” on. After you have cut every other friggin’ thing out of your life that you can, then we start to look for things that are “luxury.” And, unfortunately, birth control can end up on that list because people play the denial head games like “I’ll be careful.” Well, gawd damn it you stupid Right Wing pricks, it only takes one!

Then, your cut of the $25 dollars - that we might pay for birth control pills - turns into thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for a child that was not wanted to begin with. Then you have a kid growing up in poverty who has to deal with all of the crap that poverty brings and will, quite often, end up in the “system” where we are paying for them in one way or another – either through institutions or because they end up having babies while they are still babies and the friggin’ cycle continues just because you tight assed “conservative” freaks cannot abide by paying for a low income families birth control. Gawd you are stupid!

I realize that Obama’s goal of “one Country” and “we are all in this together” is a noble one. I get it. I also get that it makes sense when we are dealing with reasonable people. I can do that in my personal life with some Right-Wing people who are human and who understand compromise. Yes, it can work.

However, the Republican Hacks on Capitol Hill are not reasonable. They still cannot even take responsibility for the disaster that they caused. They cannot admit that they were the ones who screwed everything up. These assholes do not understand that it is their philosophy that wrecked everything.

President Obama: You cannot work with these people to restore good government because the core of their philosophy is that “government does not work.” Sorry, Dude, but this is what they believe. When you go to them, to work out this legislation and “compromise” you will never, truly, find any common ground.

You are standing on different fucking planets…Ours is the planet of a government that can work for the people, theirs is a planet where government’s only role is to give “tax cuts” to the wealthy and the corporations. They do not give a shit about the majority of us – we are only here to make their beds and serve their meals and cut their lawns and fill their privately run (but federally funded) prisons. These people are criminal hacks and they are Anti-American. Sorry, but you cannot “work with them.” There are only a handful of reasonable, moderate Republicans left and they have no voice inside their caucus; the rest of them are Fascist Pigs. To hell with them.

The American people get it. The American people took the 8 years of Bill Clinton and compared them to the 8 years of George Bush and said “hey, I rather liked the peace and prosperity of the Clinton years…let’s do that again.” And this – Democratic Party – is why you were elected. This is why we worked our asses off and dug deep into our pockets to elect you assholes. Now, our request is friggin’ simple: Act Like the Democrats That We Elected You to Be!

/Rant Over


iamcoyote said...

I sure hope you posted this at his change web site. Or maybe this is a trial to see if people will make noise about it. Not that it matters. I read some of the comments at kos on this, and they're all supportive of this cave, because birth control belongs in a health bill. I can pretty much guarantee that churchy folk are calling to support the cave 10 to 1 over people furious by it. Especially when you got every boner on tv including Tweety saying it amounts to the Chinese 1 baby per family rule. We don't deserve to survive, really. I'm looking into other countries to move to at this point.

iamcoyote said...

BTW, can someone tell Maddow that Blago isn't important any more? I'm disappointed that she's all giddy about that fuck being on her show.

Fuck 'em all. I'm back to enjoying pop culture until the planet gets nuked or we all starve to death. No sense in wasting the rest of my life worrying about the inevitable. After 8 years, the goddam dems haven't learned a thing. Fuck 'em.

Anjha said...

they're all supportive of this cave, because birth control belongs in a health bill.

Grrr - fucking pussy Kossacks.

I just have no time for this. We are desperate. We need big sweeping change and we need it NOW>

It is the same here, in my personal life, I just do not have any time or energy for games. Not a one. I am just telling it like it is to everyone.

I am too tired and too sick and life is too short to fuck around. And it is WAY TO SHORT TO BE A PUSSY.

Especially when you got every boner on tv including Tweety saying it amounts to the Chinese 1 baby per family rule.

Ya. Tweety pissed me off to no end. After he said that nonsense he then said "it should be a personal choice..." Well, no shit dumb ass. (I yelled at the TeeVee, he did not seem to notice.) I sure hope that when he got home his wife gave him an earful about birth control and choices and how your choices are limited if you have no money! Grrr.

Ya, I am a tad cranky today. Also I know that the fundies are all in their phone trees calling the Congress and telling them "no birth control for the poor!" And the rest of us are too busy trying to keep our heads above water so we don't have the time to call in and if we did have the 10- minutes to make the calls we are not involved in a fundie-like phone tree where someone can get the info to us that we need to make the calls.

Really, that is all that I am trying to do here is offer people information on what calls need to be made and who it is that we need to call. I am being my very own little fundie phone tree.

Anjha said...

I did tell Obama - I just did it with less swearing and in 500 characters.

iamcoyote said...

Well, supposedly, it's a big head fake from Obama - well goodie for him. Does he know he's losing his political capital fast when even the local news is talking about dems caving and being weak, and they're the ones blocking the stim plan? Whatever. I just don't have the energy for outrage any more, really. I spent 8 years of my life arguing, calling reps, letter writing, and all that shit, and we're supposed to trust a politician? I don't trust shit any more, let the kids pick up the torch, I've done my time. Also, even if I trusted Obama, Pelosi and Reid have proven they're not to be trusted. Unless, of course, they do bring criminal charges against Bushco. Then and only then will I trust. I'm not holding my breath.

Judith said...

Here is what these people have brought to the citizens of this Country.

A man walked into his home today and shot his wife, his five small children (two sets of twins) and himself dead. He and his wife both had just lost their jobs.

Judith said...

I don't know. Is it just me or does it seems somewhat arrogant to think that you are going to get the Republicans in a group hug and sing "Let's get together, let's love one another right now?"

iamcoyote said...

Judith, apparently, it's all a chess game; or maybe a football game...who knows? And even if it is a master plan, I really don't appreciate that he uses issues important to women as his throwaway legislation.

Judith said...

Sadly, I don't think it is some master plan Iamcoyote.

We Democrata have spent eight long years of being kicked, abused, lied to, called all sorts of names, spied upon, drug through the slim, spat on, and now Obama thinks he can bring this group of thugs around to a love fest. Either Obama is naive beyond words, or something else is going on that we don't know.

Judith said...

By-the-way Anjha, good post.