Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pelosi, the Favorite Democrat of the GOP

Is Pelosi on the GOP payroll? I'm so outraged I can't find the words to even write about it.

Huffington Post link here.


Judith said...

Millions of us understand the obvious, that the GOP is no longer the Party of Moderates. We also have understood that the GOP does not believe basically in a democracy. We also understand that the GOP would further the destruction their leader unleashed if it meant beating the Democrats in the next election. We know they will tell the Democrats anything they want to hear, and then laugh as they screw them to the wall. I'm not sure why we all get it, while the


Rev said...

San Francisco liberal, my ass.

I think Debra Saunders is Nancy's alter ego in drag.

mainsailset said...

Not the way I read the article. Durbin was quoted more and pointed out that this is still a work in progress. In fact, the Rep's did the majority a favor by voting 100%politically on this first vote. They demonstrated perfectly that they value opposition first and foremost over the country.

With the new ads coming out this weekend in the R states pointing out the Rep votes, the Republicans just bought the farm. Look at the polls now on the Dems vs Rep Congress. America gets it.

Right now, the American public would be more than happy to support the Dems removing all the concessions to the R's that went into the package...big gamble on Dems part, takes alot of political fortitude which we've never seen before from leadership, but the 'it's best for the country' argument is pretty damn good cover right now.

I'm not confident in the stimulus plan's ability to tamp down this recession but standing still and thumbsucking isn't a good alternative.

Judith said...

Mainsailset, I hope to God your right. So much to do and so much to undo.

mainsailset said...

Judith, I've been tricked before.
Interesting to think of the pitch of the whining that would pour out of the R's heads if the D's took back the concessions. The uproar of being partisan victimized and the 'see, they are abusers not compromisers' would take up more air and keyboard time than even Paris H.

Anjha said...

I read the article the same as Mainy. I see it as the Dems are still willing, so far, to work with the Republicans BUT they will not put up with much.

I read it as the Pukes are on extremely thin ice and that if the Republican Sentors are not more reasonable than the House...way more reasonable, then the Dems will say 'fuck you' and bring back the concessions that they made and throw out the crap that they accepted - like stoopid tax cuts.

What I read is that the leadership is being reamed by their members and the the rank and file Dems feel like we do and want to throw the Repub bastards over the cliff like they deserve.

That is how I read it anyway.

mainsailset said...

My duuhh comment is that each concession to the Rep will be perceived by the majority of Nov voters as a denial of their vote. It's not smart to deny that fact when playing tidley winks with the R's.