Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is New

Yesterday Coyote reminded me to tell Obama what for on his site When I went there, I was redirected because was only in effect until January 20th - now, Obama's site is actually (I was afraid to visit during the Bush Administration because I did not know what enemies list that I would end up on.)

The site is pretty cool and he has an Office of Public Liason which is dedicated to involving the people in their government - I like that.

This morning when Obama had his presser after his meeting with the business community he announced is all about this stimulus package and allowing us to see where every penny of the money goes and the results of that investment. That is new. That is totally new.

If the people pay attention then they cannot get away with the kind of crap that the Bushies did. No more cost plus contracts for Halliburton and their other buddies.

It will be a searchable database just like the other website that Obama and Tom Coburn created with their legislation "Google for Government."

If we can say anything at all for this first week of the Obama Admin, we can say that it is transparent. I personally believe that transparency, access to information, is the greatest tool that the people have to be involved in and to watchdog our governement. I like it.


iamcoyote said...

Has he answered the question of why he's got lobbyists on his team when he said "no lobbyists?"

iamcoyote said...

Sen. Kit Bond told the Washington Times today that Attorney General nominee Eric Holder, who has called waterboarding torture, "gave me assurances he is looking forward" on the issue of prosecuting former Bush officials and operatives for torture. Did Holder really make any promises?


Next week, Justice Department lawyers are set to ask a San Francisco federal judge to throw out a lawsuit brought against Yoo by Jose Padilla, a New York man held without charges on suspicion of being an Al Qaeda operative plotting to set off a “dirty bomb.”


iamcoyote said...

This is same old, same old. Fuck 'em. Every person for themselves. I'm gonna buy some guns, and start growing my own food.

Here's your hope, right here. Might I suggest a water based lube, Anjha. Reduces tearing of the hemorroidal tissue!

President Obama's choice to run the Justice Department has assured senior Republican senators that he won't prosecute intelligence officers or political appointees who were involved in the Bush administration's policy of "enhanced interrogations."

Check and mate, suckas!

snark said...

Rough week coyote?

iamcoyote said...

I'm done now. Thanks for asking.

mainsailset said...

Despite (thanks ThinkProgress) the Rep getting a 2:1 ratio of their faces and talking points onto MSM over the Dems on the stimulus plan, the new poll out this morning shows that the American public is not supportive of the Rep Congress....heads up, America is waking up! See the poll here

Anjha said...

Kit Bond was lying and there is a whole lot of question about that Washington Times piece (it is rather like linking to Faux News or the WSJ editorial page, isn't it?)

Holy Crap. I do not make the policies and I have no control over what those people do - however, this does not mean that I will throw up my hands and not do my very best to continue to fight for what I believe in. It may only be a phone call here, an email there, a few petitions and a few protests...but I am doing something.

And doing a little bit here and there removes some of the powerlessness that I normally feel about all kinds of crap in my life.

mainsailset said...

good time to email senators and voice your support for the stimulus. When if not now?