Friday, February 13, 2009

Because this makes absolutely brilliant sense.

Microsoft will be opening retail stores like Apple. Years after Apple opened it's stores, and in an economy where we have no ides where the bottom of our recession will be. Brilliant! But since MS has so much cash on hand already, they could probably keep these stores open for decades at a loss.

Since Apple's store is so distinctive it prompted a PC World columnist to guess at what Microsoft's store would be like. If the commercial designer places one wall will holes in it in the store, it will be hilarious.

In an ironic coincidence, I lost a document on the computer for the first time in probably 5 years. Using OS X and OpenOffice. (It was OpenOffice's fault) Damn you, uh . . .

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Anjha said...


'Cept I live in the world of MS and on every corner is someone who works at MS and can shop at the company store purchasing software for me at a waaaaaaay discounted price.

They are allowed to spend something like 1500 per year at the employee store so most of them have a lot of their limit left to buy stuff for friends and family - though they would never, ever do that because it is against the rules.

The price at the MS stores for software is crazy cheap. Crazy cheap.