Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hilda Solis for Labor Secretary!

After 61 days of waiting, Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis finally gets past "The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee". Finally *raises hands towards the heavens*, if she is approved by the full Senate... a pro-Union, pro-safety, pro-green job, pro-healthcare Labor Secretary.

Could this be President Obama's Frances Perkins? I hope for all of us she is half what Perkins was!

Of course for me it's the sheer happiness I get from watching the Repbuli-cons worst nightmare become Labor Secretary... an empowered, pro-Labor, petite Hispanic Woman (reminds me of my wife). Hilda Solis is the polar opposite of these republi-con slimeballs. She had to work twice as hard to achieve her position, is probably the poorest member of Obama's cabinet and truly cares about working class Americans.
Let's have a big shout out for Hilda Solis!


Anjha said...


She will be the best thing to happen to the Dept of Labor for ever!


Vote her in. Now.

Seven of Six said...

Up or down vote... right fucking now!!

Quit the delay Reid!!

Judith said...