Monday, February 9, 2009

Share Your Story

Share your economic hardship story.

Do it with an email, photos, phone call or upload a video. Obama is asking us to tell him our stories so that the fuckwads in the Congress can be shown that we are not numbers - we are real people with real problems and we are scared.

Sorry guys - I am done with the naysayers and the cranky pups. Fuck 'em.

I know that everyone has a grand idea about how this should be done and every single fucking blogger knows better than our President and our Congress. I also know that it is so much easier to pontificate and theorize than it is to roll up one's sleeves and get to work to make the world a better place. Ya, I get it. And, I am not going to do it, I am not taking the easy way this time.

This President, Our President Barack Obama, needs us to support him more than any other President since FDR. He needs our support and our guidance. We can get involved at the grassroots (not the Netroots) or we have no room to bitch. It is an absolute in my book. I do not have the energy to be a cranky whiner.

I worked too hard for the change from the Pukes to the Dems - we all worked hard to throw those bastards out. We have the Dems now - in both Houses and the Presidency - and our work is just beginning. I am not going to throw up my hands just because some negotiations that I do not like are occurring. Until I sit in the Congress I will not know what it is to actually be a Congress Member and I will not know what has to occur to get shit done.

For now, I support my Country, therefore I support my President. This does not mean that I will turn my back on wrongdoings - it means that I will pick my battles and choose the wrongdoings that are immoral not the ones that I just do not like.

Also, I will tell them what I do not like. We are being offered more opportunity to share our ideas and participate in this process than ever before. That is what I do not get; these bloggers should be sending their posts to Obama - complete with the comments, not just posting to post. Let's get organized and participate. It is easier to bitch outside of the tent than it is to dialogue inside of it. As long as we are invited inside, let's go.

We are fucked. This country is teetering on the edge and to slam my Party and Obama - to be willing to write them off already - because some things are not right in this package seems a little histrionic to me. It seems way over the top and I do not understand. Especially when Obama is calling for us to be involved. How many of those bitching held or attended an economic recovery house party this weekend? (And, no, I did not either - but I am also not flushing them down the toilet.)

Let's pull together and quit ripping everyone apart. Maybe we are all just too used to being angry at our government to stop for a minute and realize that we have an opportunity right now to do it differently. It will take a while - you cannot turn around a ship this large in 3 weeks with one piece of legislation - there is a ton of damage to correct and a ton to repair. Let's get out hammer and nails instead of pitchforks and torches.

UPDATE: And, what this guy said. h/t to p-dip for posting this at TLC.


phidipides said...

Just in posting the link to the DNC you've done more than some "popular" blogs" to effect real change. Nothing is perfect, and I am as vocal as anyone else, but there is a point during the whining when you must take some action -and in your instance, show others how they can take action. An appeal to contact the White House or Congress creates more change than all the "it's the wrong stuff" that's getting written out there.

Anjha said...

phidipides - Marry Me!!

Damn it, I sure could use a daily dose of you.


Judith said...

Anjha, let me ditto what Phidipides wrote.

The one thing I admired about you over these past couple of years is your steadfast fight. If only the world had more like you.

snark said...

No, marry me phidipides!

Or at least come shack up for a while!

Anjha said...

I get it, snark is probably preferable to me and the Northeast might be better than the Northwest...whatever you decide, just know that I will not move there.

OK sucks. Even if I could have you in the package.

Anjha said...

Thank you Judith! You can come and live with me too!

Judith said...

GREAT! My six cats and I will be there next Thursday.