Sunday, June 8, 2008

Before You Shift to McCain...

May I remind you of what it is you risk.

So you're bitter. I get that. You wanted this, you fought for it, who knows how much work you put in? I can totally sympathize. You feel robbed. I would too. You probably feel angry. I would too.

But remember what's at risk? Are you seriously telling me that you would vote for the opposing candidate, all to spite the party? Are you telling me that, because one woman didn't get the nomination (despite a GROUNDBREAKING campaign), you're willing to inflict revenge on the rest of America?

This is madness.

You would vote for a man who cares NOTHING for the rights you have fought to secure. You think this man cares about your treatment in the workplace? You think this man cares about your daughter's right to information on safe sex? You think this man cares ONE WHIT about what you choose to do with your body? You must--otherwise, why would you commit political suicide like this?

This man is poison. He will do nothing to secure your cause; if anything, he will only harm it. If you truly care about your rights, about the rights of ALL Americans, you will see the truth in this. This is the danger of identity politics--the danger of groupthink. If you help elect this man, we will be set back thirty years. You will have proven to the world that WE, as Americans, do not deserve the freedoms we trumpet. You would speak for all of us, and your words would doom us to more of the same.

Do you really want this on your hands? Do you truly want to throw away what you've worked so hard to earn?


Then do what is RIGHT.

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Anjha said...

Milo, this is a logical argument to an emotional will not work. Not now, anyway.

I heard some pundit espouse that this is the way that it is in a nomination fight - that the supporters of the loser always claim that they will "never" vote for the winner and in the end, most of them do.

She ran a hell of a race and was up against change in a change year...some of it she could do nothing about.

I think that Obama is simply the right candidate at the right time.

I think that compassion and patience and grace as well as following Obama's lead of praise and empathy is a good place to start - that and keeping my fucking mouth shut when I have nothing nice to say.

So I shall.