Friday, June 13, 2008


A total of 3,200 homes were flooded, thousands of people lost and up to 18,000 were at risk of losing power, and dozens of flood-stranded residents were rescued by boat Thursday as Iowa's second-largest city staggered under the surging Cedar River.

Floodwater covered an area equal to 100 city blocks, said Mike Goldberg, Linn County's public information officer.

"Our rough estimate is 9,000 people are displaced because of evacuation," he said . .

I know the area - the homes affected in this low-lying area are early 20's-30's era homes in what's was the Czechoslovak section of town, but are now the lower-income neighborhoods.

A 110-mile stretch of I-80, from Des Moines to the Eastern Iowa border has been closed. So efforts by the less afflicted parts of the state in the Central and West are hampered in moving East.


snark said...

I know what you're experiencing out there idio. We had our own little mini version in my town last April. Local river flooded worst in decades. Dozens of homes and businesses flooded. I'm familiar with Cedar Rapids. My aunt and uncle lived in Manchester. The clean up afterwards is the worst. Many neighbors just blocks from us had a lifetime worth of ruined posessions out on the curb for the trashman to haul away. Some are still doing repairs even a year later.

More rain on the way I hear also.

Acts of God, eh?

Anjha said...

Damn Idio, I am sorry.

I still cannot believe the weather this year. The storms are unbelievable and I cannot remember a season this bad.

It is horrible and seems that there is no place in this country that is safe from the kooky weather.

You are doing a great job reporting on it.