Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unicorn Sighted!

Well, kinda.

I have a good friend working for NASA who blogs with Livejournal, and she posted her approval of Kucinich's recent impeachment resolution.

We here at L'n'LPD all shout, About fucking time!, whenever Kucinich does this, even though it's futile. The worst part is that we wish there were other Congressmen to cheer, much less someone who's actually committee member with real weight . . .

But interesting to me is not the original post but this in the comments:

6/10/2008: 07:56 pm Tuesday (UTC)

Skimming through the articles, it seems like half of the points are just as justifiable against members of congress and the previous Clinton Administration. Especially where it concerns spying, war declarations and other such acts.

Ultimately this is a lot of daft posturing and really a waste of time for congress. I'm not sure, if that's a good thing or not at this point. But if they spend time on this and not on stupid wealth re-distribution plans, then hey.

Well, by golly! It's that rare beast, Conservative Libertarius Extremus! Notable for its propensity to automatically defend itself against current events criticism by rearing on it's hindquarters and invoking a Clinton. And this specimen then does a beautifully rendered counterattack with wealth redistribution. Maginifcent!

This specimen then takes another shot at being the last word following a weak assertion by a well-meaning other poster.

6/10/2008: 08:32 pm Tuesday (UTC)

The problem is that half of those things cited, Congress (both sides) is up to it's NECKS in. Wasteful spending in Iraq. You want wasteful spending, lets cut the earmarks that EVERYONE in congress plays with. Obama himself got to send what was it, $100,000 to his own church through Federal ear-marks on appropriations bills?

Misspending of funding? Bill Clinton, used appropriations budget money for the Military to pay for the Balkans campaign (does Kucinich think that's an illegal undeclared war?). That is to say, he wanted to do the intervention, Congress blocked him (which I think was wrong, but that's not the point), so Bill used the funding that the military had allocated for purchasing new systems and training budgets and instead used that capital for the costs of the peace keeping missions.

One could probably make an argument that the then 2003 state of body armor and protected vehicles other vehicles were a direct result of the Clinton Administration's decisions on defense spending. To hang THAT on the Bush administration is just utterly specious. It is, technically an argument more on long term planning.

Frankly, what congress needs to spend time on is working out a new budget, fixing a lot of criminal law problems and maybe perhaps addressing the strange balance of tariffs and funding the have for big agro which is in part why they're blocking the new drilling bills.

Lovely, just lovely. I feel like Marlin Perkins. Earmarks and pork are like honey to these beautiful creatures, and Libertarian can rarely resist them. Then follows with another textbook Clinton that is fantastic in its length and breadth. Once finished, the political beast then strides off in the satisfied rhythm of criminal law reform, tariffs, and budgetary abstractions.

After nothing but Hillary and Obama Whackadoodles for the last few months, I find my self giddy!

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Anjha said...

Nice catch Idio.

I wonder if they get paid for every talking point that they insert?