Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When The Water Hits The Spillway

Coralville is just North of Iowa City and the University of Iowa.
The Cedar River runs through Waterloo-Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids (natch).

Essentially, the eastern half of the state, which has gotten more rainfall than the rest, is having another Flood of The Century. All of it will feed into the Mississippi, and the water surge will overwhelm the river states to the South over the next few days and weeks.

This will seem catty - but considering the voting patterns of that section of the state, I wonder if the Federal government and FEMA will make disaster assistance as much of a priority as they did with New Orleans.


Anjha said...


How about you and yours? Are you safe? Your home?


I was worried about you when I was hearing about tornadoes every 2 hours...but this looks horrific.

PS. Thanks for the electoral map link. Good stuff.

idiosynchronic said...

We're just fine - our city is less affected, and the city water plant and electrical substations are on high enough ground that we don't have to worry about service. It is Eastern Iowa and Des Moines that are in such dire misery and threat of property loss today.

Tornadoes are more a nuisance than a danger, because when you don't take cover, that's when they git 'ya. Just about everyone has some tornado shelter in the basement. Unlike the Left Coast danger of earthquakes - when the quake comes for ya, ain't nothin' gonna save your ass.

snark said...

Just about everyone has some tornado shelter in the basement.

Except if your on a Boy Scout outing.

Really sad.

Is it me or has the weather in that whole center section of the country been totally wonky this year? It seems like there are tornados every other day.

Keep dry idio. And low.

idiosynchronic said...

The Boy Scouts are always prepared. Really. Shovels, shallow trenches, that sort of thing.

It's a La Nina year, or so my wife was muttering this winter after we got dumped on with snow until late April and cold until mid-May. And NOAA confirms it. Another report

idiosynchronic said...

So, are we like, sick, or what?

snark said...

So, are we like, sick, or what?

Aside from the increasingly drunk and vulgar renditions of Freebird you all seem to be fine to me.