Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank You Madeleine Pickens

Madeleine Pickens (wife to T Boone Pickens) plans to build a refuge for America's wild horses, potentially saving thousands of them from slaughter. Pickens stated that when she heard that the federal agency charged with managing the animals was considering euthanasia, she decided to build a sanctuary to save these wild horses and burros.

"This is a solution, and it's a solution that will work. This is our heritage, and I am very excited about what we can do."

Pickens plans to purchase between 500,000 and 1 million acres of Western land for her sanctuary. She declined to be more specific about the property and its location, saying that negotiations are ongoing.


mainsailset said...

This is such great news! Thank you for sharing it. Do you suppose T Boone will be able to use the property for wind turbines as well?

Judith said...

Mainsailset, I knew you would welcome this news. Evidently, she and her husband also brought 800 dogs and cats stranded by Katrina to California for adoption.

These are the stories that never get any play in the news. Some people with money believe in using their wealth for the betterment of mankind.

Read more here:

iamcoyote said...

Good for her!

mainsailset said...

Years ago the infamous TB planned a strategic takeover of our family business. 3rd generation, started just before the turn of the century. We hated everything about him for the destruction his plans wrought for so many people.
Today, reading this, sister and I both commented what a strange turn of events and let forgiveness creep into our talk. It's hard holding onto anger, won't ever let this one go but it did certainly soften around the edges.

Judith said...

Mainsailset, if this story helped you to begin the process of letting anger go, then I am glad.

Anjha said...

This is a really nice story Judith.

It is high time that we get a good one. High time.

I wonder, how much of TB's change of heart on issues of the environment and humanity is a result of his wife and her concerns?

Judith said...

Well Anjha, have you ever known a woman who didn't influence her husband, one way or another? She obviously is an animal lover, and especially horses.

I agree. Nice to see a story that is positive for a change, instead of destructive. It has been eight long years.