Monday, December 29, 2008

What Do These Things Have in Common? Pet Goat, Guitar, Vacation

The President of the United States, who read "My Pet Goat" as 3,000 Americans lost their lives in a terrorist attack in New York, now sees no reason to disengage himself from vacationing in Crawford to address what has become a Middle East Crisis. One should be accustomed to Bush's lack of interest and disengagement when a crisis arises, as when Katrina struck NO, and playing a guitar was far more fun than dealing with the suffering of thousand of people.

It has become apparent that the time laspe between the election and the swearing in of the new President is a gap in time we can no longer afford, now or in the future.

In an effort to “prevent Palestinians from attacking towns in southern Israel” with rockets, Israel today undertook its third day of offensive military airstrikes in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, raising the death toll to more than 300. The Palestinian casualty numbers have been described as the highest over such a brief period since the 1967 Six-Day war. Scores of Israelis have been wounded — and at least one killed — by rocket attacks fired by Palestinians. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak called the situation “all out war.”

While Bush has been briefed on the situation by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, he has opted not to interrupt his final vacation as president to make a public statement on the crisis. For someone who has enjoyed the most vacation days as sitting president — including days spent relaxing in comfort during Hurricane Katrina and in the lead-up to 9/11 — it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Bush prioritizes vacationing over crisis management. ABC News reports:

Even an emerging crisis in the Middle East, one he pledged to resolve just 13 months ago, has not drawn President George W. Bush from his final vacation before leaving office. Despite his personal pledge at Annapolis last year to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians before 2009, this weekend Bush sent his spokesmen to comment in his stead.

Since departing Washington for Crawford on Friday, President Bush has made no attempt to be seen in public. In fact, he has yet to leave his ranch.


mainsailset said...

Over the years both Cheney & Bush have relied pretty heavily on surrogates to carry their message or manage the outcries.

I find it telling now that not only has Bush headed for the brush but that the only surrogates left standing who will offer a voice for him are Laura and Condi. That's actually quite astonishing.

Cheney, I assume, is in Wyoming counting his coins from the fruits of his Energy Plan. I'm hopeful that his portfolio has been smacked around substantially by the downturn so that he at least feels some pain but ain't countin on it.

I'm not so sure that Bush is entirely volunteering for this vacation that removes him from his seat of power. He is a stubborn man who is drinking and wants desperately to vindicate himself. His handlers may have carefully packed his bags just to make sure he doesn't appear on stage.

iamcoyote said...

Bush is coasting now, which is prolly a good thing. He can fuck up less than usual.

So, uh, that young Judy's a real sweetie, isn't she?

Seven of Six said...

So, uh, that young Judy's a real sweetie, isn't she?

Now she's on Id... "Isn't that special"... whench!

Anjha said...

Good post Judith! And look who figured out how to post a link! Good job.

Bush is probably drinking. I was thinking that back on his last trip to the G8...actually, the one before or the one before that, I do not remember. The trip where he acosted Merkel though - I am sure that he was drinking then. Either that or he had his hands in Laura's Xanax.

Bush wishes that he could just turn it all over to Obama now. He does not give a fuck.

He never wanted the responsibility of being President; only the power. That is a bad combination. A really bad combination.

If he could figure out a way to do it I am sure that he would just turn it over to Obama. Except his crew wants to take this "opportunity" to get all of the rest of the treasury into their pockets. They will rape and pillage until the very last minute - Jan 20 at 11:59 am they will be walking out with their pockets stuffed, silverware and all. Criminal bastards.

Judith said...

Thanks Anjha. I'm kinda getting it. Expect a call right after the first of the year.

Iamcoyote and Seven of Six, I have wanted so badly to blast Young Judith more than once over this past year, but have stopped myself from doing so. However, she is pushing her luck.

In reality, we have no President. On one hand, there is security knowing that he isn't interested in anything but getting the hell out of the WH. On the other hand, this is the worst time in our history to have such a man in the WH.

Again, I think we need look seriously at the delay between the two presidencies. Surely we could install a new president by Jan. 1 of the new year.

Judith said...

Just read tyj's response to one of my post. You can't argue with people who are always right. I love this comment: "you are a wicked bunch of smarty pants."

Hence forth, we should be known as WBOSP.

Seven of Six said...

She pissed me off long ago... whining and such.

Judith said...

It is fine to disagree with anyone, however, it is the manner in which one voices that disagreement. Tyj always comes in and tells you, in snide terms, that you are wrong, as she, and only she, knows the truth. That is what I object to. I despise know it alls.