Friday, January 23, 2009

A Couple More Ways to Fight the Obstructionists

The only way, I believe, that we can fight the obstructionists is to call them on their bullshit. (BTW, I do not limit this to Republican hacks, if there are blue dogs who want to fight the stimulus package that we need or there are Democratic dumb assess who knew about the domestic spying or torture and rendition policies and did nothing – we need to hold them accountable too.) We need to let these assholes know that we are watching and that we are paying attention.

Yep, there is more.

We are not powerless and these are not people with power in high up places that are untouchable; not with the power of information. SoS posted a link to the criminal behavior of Jon Cornyn yesterday. We have the power to share this information with the sheeple – including their Republican constituents who are so frightened right now, that they too do not want obstructionists, and they do not want criminals in the Congress.

Especially not now; the sheeple are being shown what it is like to have someone of integrity and intelligence in the WH, they are seeing what public service is about. It is not supposed to be about power and enriching oneself – it is supposed to be about sacrifice. The dicks who treat it as their own personal ATM need to be sent home, hopefully in shackles. It is up to us to work towards that.

The Republicans are moving farther to the Right. There are very few moderate Republicans left. We need to elevate the moderates and tear down these extremists. I know that people think that a phone call to the office of a Senator or Congressperson does not make any difference - but it does.

The staffers in the office really do keep a log of calls from constituents and if there is a particular piece of legislation up for a vote or a person to be confirmed – the staffers keep a Yea and a Nay call log. The Right has their phone trees and their electronic calling machines and their Right Wing Radio and Faux News that encourages their sheeple to call in. We have the Internet.

We need to use the tools that we have and fight their crap. The Daily Show last night had a rundown of Faux News on the first day of the Obama Administration. The anti-Obama and anti-Democrat and anti-American people and and Anti-American-Values crap that was spewing from the montage was frightening. They are working hard to take him down and we need to take them down first. We are still at war and we are on the right side of history and the good side of the issues.

Here are a few petitions to fight the Republicans and to congratulate Obama:

Thank Obama for ordering Gitmo shut down.

Don’t block Obama’s Attorney General because you support torture. I really cannot believe that Cornyn is such a transparent dick.

Bail Out People thinks that the stimulus package is too conservative. I tend to agree on many points; however, I have not read the actual package so I am reserving judgment. I think that Obama is playing “good cop” with the Republicans, knowing full well that the House and the Senate are totally Dem controlled and the package will be far more Progressive than what Obama has to pretend to support.

Demand that immigrant children and pregnant women are not excluded from SCHIP.

If you can make it to Colorado next week, go to camp!

Right Wing Myths about the stimulus.

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