Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Were You?

Where were you when Senator Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States? Did you go to any parties? Any balls? Did you get to dress up? Was it enjoyable or do you wish that you would have done something different?

I hope that whatever you did that it was marked with many memories. This will be one of those events that people will ask in the future, "Where were you, what were you doing?"


Seven of Six said...

I was home, the wife called off from work, we let the son have the day off of school. I then went and got the parents to help them out of the house for a little bit. Made chicken soup for all of us.

Anjha said...

I had printed out a whole bunch of events and directions to events...but ended up staying home.

There was a breakfast at a local sports bar that we would have went to 'cept I called and it was 21 and over so kiddo could not go.

After we watched the swearing in and the rest of the ceremony, I made kiddo go to school. I went for a short walk and then I worked the rest of the day...did laundry, made bread, put in a few hours for my boss.

I cried so much yesterday that I wore myself out. Even though they were happy tears and tears because I was moved, they still wear me out.

Today I feel a little emotionally hungover. But it still feels good and I still feel very motivated.

Now I have Geithner's hearing on. These goddamned GOP Senators are a bunch of dicks.

How many of them do their own taxes??????

Anjha said...

SoS - that is the best. The whole family together, playing hooky and eating soup! (At least for you...cause I know how much that you enjoy your family!)

Anjha said...

snark, were you there?

Seven of Six said...

The wife felt the same as you Anjha... she bawled her eyes out during the inauguration and went to bed last night emotionally drained.

snark said...

We were planning on going but work intervened. The Mrs. went out in the cold yesterday to drop the kids off at school, got home to the warm house, turned on the tv and texted me that she was glad she was home and warm. That made me happy because I think she was bummed to not go but she realized it would have been too much with a 3 year old. She watched at home since she took the day off. I was at work. One of my coworkers threw a party at her apartment. We all went down there. It was really nice. I'm very lucky that I work with an offfice full of bleeding heart liberals. The Mrs., the kids and I watched the evening events at home together.

L said...

My girls and I were home glued to the TV for most of the day and part of the evening.

I wonder how the kids in my future sister-in-law's elementary school will answer that question. The principal forbid the viewing of the event in classrooms in case there was an act of violence. Idiot.

iamcoyote said...

The principal forbid the viewing of the event in classrooms in case there was an act of violence. Idiot.

Seems I've heard that excuse before, by a chimp on 9-11, in fact. Sheesh.

Anjha said...

I think watching it on the TeeVee would have been better than being there. I do not do well in large crowds anymore and those were pretty big crowds.

I could not imagine trying to do it with children in tow...I think you guys made the right decision, snark.

On the TeeVees we were able to see everything up close. Being there, I think, would have been more difficult. They said even the parade route was skinny with people because it took so long to get through security.

The principal forbid the viewing of the event in classrooms in case there was an act of violence. Idiot.

Damn. That bastard really robbed those kids of something special. Jerk.

What kind of violence was he predicting?

I think that I heard that there were no problems at all. Did anyone hear of any problems?

I think that the crowds were happy and joyful and excited - not at all "violent." The only violent people are the wingnuts.

Judith said...

Not one person arrested. Not one act of violence. Pretty amazing considering the crowd.

Monday's with Mom was extended into Tuesday with Mom. My Sister, my 87 year old Mother and myself sat, with kleenex in hand, and watched together. My Mom was glued to the set, and found it all so amazing, as we did too.

The two best moments were:

When Roberts (whom couldn't cite the Oath of Office correctly)claimed President Barak Obama as our Commander-in-Chief.


When Bush flew his ass off into the sunset while a crowd sang 'Goodby.'

CG said...

In my closest group of friends, two went down to the mall (maybe 3--I'll see her tonight and ask). I got together with some friends from temple, including the rabbi, at someone's house. My kids were with me--they had off school. We all sat and watched. Husband was at work and watched on a TV there.

Most memorable--there were some of us making snide remarks about Bush, but the rabbi was the worst of all! He apologized for not being very rabbinical, though no one minded. My favorite part was seeing Obama crack up just before taking the oath. Just couldn't contain himself--like a little kid. It wasn't until later that I realized he laughed because Sasha had given him a thumbs up.

CG said...

Just watching Daily Show from last night--hilarious!

iamcoyote said...

Man, those girls are just adorable! And I don't care what anyone says, I just love Michele's green gloves. Also, she was walking the parade route in high heels! You gotta give anyone credit for that.

CG - I've heard about TDS - I got it DVR'd, so I'll see it tonight.

Also: LOST is back! Woohoo!

Judith said...

The dress was lemon grass, so green gloves and shoes were appropriate. OMG, one of the smartest women to ever be in the WH, and idiots are talking about her gloves? Give me a fucking break. Who cares.