Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration!


snark said...

It's a glorious day.

A beautiful sunrise in America.

Seven of Six said...

Awesome day, less than a hour to go! A day we've waited a long time for!!!

Anjha said...

OMG - I woke up more excited than a kid at Christmas. I was awake and ready to be awake. The dishes are done and laundry is started. Unbelievable.

The crowds are the most amazing things that I have ever seen.

And Michelle - holy crap is she gorgeous!

And the girls. Sasha and Malia are so beautiful. I can hardly see them without crying.

I kept kiddo home from school this morning to watch. His school is not broadcasting - which I find hard to believe - so I kept him home.

Anjha said...

BTW. My Bush countdown clock keychain was at ZERO a few hours ago. I never knew that it was off. (I have had it in a box and not on my key ring.)

iamcoyote said...

The school isn't watching? What the fuck!

Hooray! Hooray! The Bushies are toasted! The only thing that could make this day more perfect is if there were cops waiting at the door to arrest Bush and Cheney.

Seven of Six said...

Yeah, I kept my boy home as well. He made honor roll last quarter so he's good to go.

phidipides said...

Free at last!

I'm with you, iac. I like to think that there are Federal Marshalls on Executive One waiting to say, "Mr. President, you are being charged with crimes against humanity. You have the right to remain silent..."

iamcoyote said...

Yeah, p-dip. I have a dream...

Anjha said...

I think Bush was scared to death that this was the case. Realize...he and Cheney and the rest of the criminal hacks cannot go to any country where they recognize war crimes. They are now war criminals and are unprotected from the "office" that they once held.

I sure hope that tomorrow, the minute that the pomp and circumstance are over, that the arrests start to take place.

This was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. I ran out and proudly put our flag out. I went through half a box of tissue. Jeebus.

The poem was phenomenal.

And, Obama's speech was unbelievable. He is a poet, a true poet. I believe that poets see the world a little differently and I believe that he will implement a "poets vision." I just hope that he is not one of those poets that drown themselves...or suffer from depression...though I have never seen that from him. Not all poets are crazy, mind you.

Anjha said...

Speaking of change I can believe in - I had my hair hacked off yesterday. I was not planning on it, but I sat down in the chair and I said "Bob it."

So - I had about 6 or seven inches hacked off and now I have a very cute Bob. I really like it and I look way younger.

It is very fun and bouncy and it is a real style. Before I just threw it up in a pony tail.

My stylist says that I have to actually blow it dry - she says that I have to do something with it instead of just let it dry on its own because my hair has so much curl in it. But, I found that after I took a shower last night, it is kind of cute with the curl too. So I have options now. I can blow it dry and have it straight and cute and bouncy or I can put a little product in it and scrunch it and let it be curly or I can still put it up in a tiny little pony tail if I want.

I needed a big change and cutting my hair was a lot easier on everyone than moving to Wyoming or something.

iamcoyote said...

That's funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing with my hair. But I have such a round face, it looks ooky. Maybe one day!

Anjha said...

I have a round face too and it works.

I finally have a good stylist. My last stylist moved a few years ago and I had been going to basically a supercuts kind of place until the last two cuts.

My stylist came highly recommended and she is awesome. I really like her and I trust her.

My first appt with her we worked to fix some of the screw ups that the last place had done, so I was working towards growing out those layers and I just said fuck it yesterday and we cut all of the layers off so now it is all one length and really cute.

Let me know if you want her number and you should stop by and see it! I am really excited. It has been a long time since I did anything with my hair.

Seven of Six said...

New President, new hair do... damn, a new life for me... I plan on carrying through on all my new year resolutions... which I put off until after the inaugaration.

Seven of Six said...

I have a round face too...

I used to have square jaw as well... until I gained about 40 unwanted pounds.

It's a new dawn people... time to get on with the business of living life and start loving my self!

Anjha said...


Senator Kennedy just suffered a seizure at the luncheon.

Just before it happened, a few minutes, Senator Byrd had a mini-medical event and needed to be walked out by the medical staff.

I wonder if Senator Byrd (because he is so old and so close to death himself) sensed that something was coming and that is what happened to him?

I hope that Senator Kennedy is OK. I think that a seizure can be a common occurrence with a brain tumor. I hope that he is OK. I am sure that it is fairly common since the family and friends of Kennedy outside the ambulance appeared less concerned than I am.

Anjha said...

UPDATE: Senator Byrd is fine.

Senator Dodd has said that Kennedy appeared to be fine as he was put in the ambulance.

Anjha said...

I bet that Senator Kennedy is pissed that they are taking him to the hospital for observation and that he wants to get back to the parade.

He is so dedicated! And he was determined to be there today.

phidipides said...

...now I have a very cute Bob.

I've had a cute Bob in the past. So has Rick Warren.

Judith said...


Every classroom in this Country should have been showing the swearing in of Obama. Shame on them.

Yes Seven of Six, time to start loving yourself, because we care about you.

Anjha, you and I have natural curly hair. I wear mine curly and straight, depending upon my mood.

Phidipides, that's the humor I miss. Drop by more often.

Anjha said...

Every classroom in this Country should have been showing the swearing in of Obama.

When Kiddo got to school yesterday, he had missed the first two periods and homeroom, he found out that they had all been showing the Inauguration and he continued to watch the parade in his classes. Only two of his classes were not showing it because there were no TVs in those classrooms.

So - as he told me - he actually could have went to school and would not have missed much(except for me going through a half a box of kleenex!) I am glad that I kept him home to watch it with me then we could talk about things and he could miss out on all of the editorials from his friends who know not what they speak.

However, he told me that in one of his large classes there was only one kid who said his parents voted for McCain. And - the kid was misinformed as to what McCain would do.