Thursday, January 22, 2009

Republican Obstructionism Day 2

It is back to CSPAN 24/7 - the Congress is really interesting right now - especially the lost little Republicans. It did not take long for these creeps to show their true colors. It makes no difference that they pretend to be supportive by prefacing their obstructionist bullshit with the line "We want Obama to succeed but..."

They are not fooling me and I doubt that they are fooling anyone else. Click “read more” to see what I mean.

Oy. Because the Senate is so collegial and has all of these entrenched rules which respect the minority Party – a Democratic Majority of 59 Senators is not enough to stop the Republicans from certain acts of obstructionism. We also have the benefit of Democratic Senators who still believe in tradition and “bi-partisanship.”

[Yes, I did say “benefit” because I believe that it is. As much as I cannot stand these rabid Right-Wing hacks, the last thing that I want is for the Dems to behave like they did. And, as much as I (so far) like a lot of what Obama is doing and I really like his style, I do not want a Democratic Congress that rolls over to him like the Republicans did with Bush. I do not think acting like them benefits anyone.]

This is one of the types of things that I was referring to when it comes to policing the Congress (and the Administration.) The Congress is a co-equal branch of the government and because they have been so impotent, and because the friggin’ Bush Administration ran right over the Congress, they are now (suddenly) flexing their muscles to show the Obama Administration that the Congress has equal power. I am actually happy about this. Regardless of Dem control in both Houses and the Presidency I still want the Congress to show that they are back and to remove the precedent set by Bush. I want them to restore the co-equal status.

As a result of this equalization, the Congress is acting a little tougher than they would in normal circumstances. In normal circumstances they might just take the President’s Package and run with it, but they are not. In addition, the Democratic Congress’s stimulus package is better than Obama’s - in that it does not rely so much on the Republican religion of tax cuts.

With the [too long] preface over, the preface explaining a little bit of the power-play dynamics occurring, let’s get back to the gist of this post: The Goddamned Right Wing Republican Hacks Are Using Every Tool in the Rule Book to Obstruct Cabinet Appointees and the Stimulus Plan. Jerks.

The Republican Party is going through some pretty intense adjustments. They have no idea who they are or what they stand for and they are acting like Tourettes Victims; they just stand there obstructing shouting out epithets like “Ronald Reagan,” “Tax Cuts,” “forced lending to the poor!”

They really are pitiful when we see them for what they are. Their entire philosophy of existence has been proven a failure and they still do not want to change. Like an alcoholic sleeping in a ditch, they still think that all will be well if they can just get their next drink. Unfortunately, their disgusting behavior affects far more people than just them; we all suffer for their philosophy and we are the ones paying for their decisions. That is why it is still easy to hate them – rather than pity their useless souls.

Not only are they trying to block Obama’s Appointees to the Cabinet, they are also using every procedural tool that they have to try to stop the new stimulus package. What makes this worse is that they are using their “constituents” for cover. They preface every one of their whiny proclamations with “our phones are ringing off the hook with our constituents calling because they are concerned about…” Fill in the “about” with whatever policy or appointment that they are trying to block.

This is where we come in. We need to contact our Senators and our House Member and tell them what we want. The Pukes say that their people are calling them, we need to make damned sure that our people are actually calling them. Enough of this crap. We need to show these dicks for the obstructionist hacks that they are. We need to make sure that their constituents know exactly what it is that they are doing.

Progressive Future has a petition up telling the Republicans to stand down. I am sure that more petitions are coming and I will make them available as I come across them and time permits. We are a bit more tenacious than they are and we are on the correct side of history. Enough of their crap; the world has suffered enough.


Judith said...

Evidently the Obstructionists didn't get the election message, or they are just plain dicks. My money is on the latter. Believe me, Rush was just speaking for himself.

Seven of Six said...

I'd call my Senators if it would do any good... possibly with McSame. Forget Kyl, he's still got his tongue stuck to bu$h's boot!

In reality it's the same old problem, Dino Dems who are stuck at making government work at a snail's pace. And repuke neo-con bastards who can't give up on the bu$h good years.

Judith said...


When President Obama said he was going to hit the road running, he wasn't kidding.

FUCK to neo-con bastards!