Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello

Is There Anybody Out There?!

I get it, everyone is busy and sick and completely bored by the blogosphere. The fight was won. Bushco and his criminal crew are gone in just a few short days. We are on to a new chapter in this country...a blissful new chapter of Peace and Love. [Pay no attention to the multiple wars and the economy in the crapper.]

There is nothing left to fight for. Right?


Dammit. We have more work to do than we did when we were fighting the criminality of the Bush Administration and the corrupt Republican Congress over these last 8 long fucking years.

Obama needs a movement.

And, the thing is, Obama recognizes this. Obama knows that he will not be able to implement any significant change unless the people are louder than the lobbyists. It is not enough to police the Democratic Congress and then bitch about it when they do wrong. This will not get us anywhere except for providing us a place to come and bitch and agree with each other. This is not what we need.

This is what is all about. It is also why Obama continues to send us a zillion emails. It is not about fundraising right now...we won. There will not be an election for President for four years. All of this communication with us is not for show - it is because Obama needs a movement. Without us screaming louder than the frickin' lobbyists the change will not happen.

There is also which is a division of This is the people's side of the Change movement. (Don't go to unless you want to jack-off; is the underwear manufacturer.)

The bottom line, even though we are tired and we are bored, we have work to do. I warned about the let-down and people seemed to agree with me that it would happen. I thought that it would have happened earlier and been over by now...but, I am thinking, the Holidays might have postponed it and might have added to it (family really is a pain in the ass.)

Consider this the pep-talk. (I can only give them, I have a hard time actually following them up with action - so I expect you all, my friends, to call me on it when I start whining...) We have work to do people. Our blog should be more active than it was while fighting the GOP. There are hearings to watch and policing of the Congress to do. Phone calls to make and letters to write. Volunteering to participate in. Movements to initiate. Media to watchdog.

Just nod if you can hear me - Is there anyone at home?


CG said...

I'm here, but most definitely not peppy. Too many things having nothing to do with the running of the country are irritating me lately and while I'm usually in a pretty good mood, I'm feeling generally annoyed lately. And busy. I've been glancing at the blogs, but mostly avoiding reading/listening to stuff that's just going to annoy me more. I'm glad you're paying attention though.

Seven of Six said...


snark said...



iamcoyote said...

Sorry, but if Obama doesn't know right from wrong by now, and how to get the right things done, all our bitching ain't gonna matter. And since activists can't even get together on what's more important right now, gay marriage, torture, health care, save the fuckin' whales, plant fucking potatoes in a church parking lot fer fuck's sake, alls Obama's gonna hear is noise and ignore it all. I don't want him to pretend to listen to me with the same smarm he's pretending to listen to Bill KKKristol, I want him to do what he said he'd do and turn this sinking ship around. The country told him what to do in November, and it didn't include sucking Krauthammer's cock. After 3 decades of being totally wrong about everything, all those fuckers don't deserve even the pretense of a president's ear. So, yeah, I'm gonna wait until he does something worth supporting before I jump on that bandwagon.

Ahem. Sorry. Bad week.

phidipides said...

Always here...trying to keep from kicking the tv-screen in as the war felon and asshole -The Mad King, idiot son of George the Lame and Bar the Drunk- says goodbye. He bud, I hope the door -and the Hague- hit you in the ass.

iamcoyote said...

I watched maybe 2 minits. It's the same speech he's been giving for 8 years.

phidipides said...

Good automaton. An automaton with a substandard intellect trying to say that he "Did good!" If he is the best wealthy fucktards can spew from their loins it's time for 100% inheritance tax on anything over $500,000.00. The Mad King...the "Brightest" on Wall Street...PNAC... Fuck...! If there was any value in their flabby pelts we could club them like baby fur seals and skin them alive. But they have no value even on their besy days.

But the Mad King made the tough calls...pretzels or peanuts...and he even got that one wrong.

snark said...

Yup. Same speech he's been giving for 8 years.

And what was with the little group of black people he trotted out for their accomplishments? Republican outreach effort?

Good riddance a-hole.

Seven of Six said...

Glad to know your still here Phid... I almost wrote a post the other day... "Ode to Phidipides".

I then realized I couldn't continue my masochistic conduct. Deleting and keeping quiet was a lot easier.

Actually Mom and Dad have been sick again.

iamcoyote said...

Sorry to hear about the parents, SoS. Man.

On another note, the pilot that landed on the Hudson is a true hero. Kudos to him.

iamcoyote said...

Here's a fun game. Throw a shoe at Chimpy.

iamcoyote said...

Scott McClellan just trashed Chimpy on Olberman. Too late, fuckwad.

Seven of Six said...

No shit snark, the wife and I watched a movie... Ed Harris's Appaloosa... Viggo is great the rest not so much.

I am so sick hearing MSM do the the GOP's bidding... there is no story except republi-con obstructionism, for the hearings and in congress... end of story.

I just want bu$h/cheney to leave, yesterday!! Please... get on with Inauguration... people are still dying while this fucking criminal is still in office doing nothing.

Seven of Six said...

Thanks Coyote... yeah, that's my life in a nutshell now... however, I'm going to have to concentrate a little more on myself in the coming months. Sort of depressed... fucking Id and snark trying to steal my thunder the other day... I'm the original POS!
Coming from the family that is not here to take care of my Parents!

muckdog said...
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Seven of Six said...

Not because of the mindless "global warming" nonsense, but the realization that energy independence is the #1 issue facing the country.

You're not making much sense muckdog, Chu clearly stated it was because of "midless" global warming... he stated earlier in the article "Climate change is a growing and pressing problem. It is now clear that if we continue on our current path, we run the risk of dramatic, disruptive changes to our climate in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren," Chu said at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Also, in your paragraph He said nuclear power was important in the climate change fight because it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Really muckdog, read the article you decide to post... BTW, thanks for not posting under Thuy Lam's name... it was a dead give away.

And in further Western Banking News!
Ireland's government nationalized Anglo Irish Bank (ANGL.I) on Thursday in a drastic step to prevent a possible collapse that could have undermined the sector and crippled the country's finances.
OUCH!! How's that "Free Market" system doing?

Anjha said...

Wow. I blame Pink Floyd...I am not taking responsibility for this.

Thank you everyone, though, for letting me know that you are all still alive [and well.] OK, at least you are all still alive.

It must be Mercury in Retrograde or something. I have been trying my damndest to not slit my wrists and not murder anyone else. You people are the friends that I have who I only have to deal with when I want to. All these other people goddamned talk at me endlessly and make me tired and cause me to want to rent a studio apartment anywhere for the little bit of funds that I have.

I try to fake my way into being OK...fake it til I make it... Sometimes it is easier than other times.

CG, thanks for touching base. I know that a lot of people are cranky lately. It really does seem to be in the air.

SoS, I am sorry to hear about your folks. That sucks - really. You have been dealing with that for a long time. You are a good son.

Snark, I am happy for you that work is busy. Most people do not even know if work will be there tomorrow. That is good news.

P-Dip, I was worried about you. Thanks for touching base and making me laugh, as always.

Coyote, sorry that you are cranky. Times are wierd. Wierd crap in the air. You need some Amish Friendship Bread.

Sorry, but if Obama doesn't know right from wrong by now, and how to get the right things done, all our bitching ain't gonna matter.

I in no way meant to imply that Obama did not know what to do or would not try to do it. However, nothing will happen unless the people demand it.

Even goddamned civil rights and freedom of speech, which were written into our Constitution, did not really come into fruition and be proven that they were really guaranteed until the civil rights movement of the fifties-sixties-seventies. The people have to fight for shit if we want it. It is our goddamned country.

That is what I am saying.

Now, if we could only hear from Judith and Mainsailset and Chief and Idiosynchronic and Milo and dj...anyone heard from dj in a while.

Anjha said...

Sort of depressed... fucking Id and snark trying to steal my thunder the other day... I'm the original POS!


Anjha said...

You know Muck, you would have a lot more credibility [na, you still wouldn't have any 'cause it would be you] - you'd have a lot more continuity if you actually posted as the same person each time.

muckdog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
iamcoyote said...

Dogfucker has no credibility, deleted or not. And I still haven't nailed down Thuy yet. Working on the IP, but I suspect petey. He's a little girl, isn't he? Anyhow, if you all want to talk with the troll, I'll put up a little pen for him so real threads aren't polluted with dogshit.

Judith said...

"This will not get us anywhere except for providing us a place to come and bitch and agree with each other."

Anjha, for sure. That is what we have been doing for eight long friggin years.

I agree completely that we need to stay as involved as we were in the elections, as the moment we are not actively holding people responsible and accountable, we lose.

Phidipides, sooooo glad you let us know you are okay by posting. I was thinking of looking through the obituaries.

I suppose that some of what we all are feeling is called 'January blues.' Count me in.

Seven of Six, as you know I take care of the needs of my 87 year old Mother. Some days it is difficult to be the nice and calm Designated Daughter. It is such a huge responsibility to take care of one's parents, which I don't mind, but there are days.

Okay, I spend from 9:30 am yesterday until 2:30 this morning switching from AOL to ATT. I stopped when my eyes blurred. Long story short, that is why I haven't posted. I gave up and went back to AOL, and I am not usually a quiter.

Maheanuu Tane said...

"Ed Harris's Appaloosa... Viggo is great the rest not so much"

My thoughts exactly! Took my wife to see it as we hadn't been to a theatre in over 20 years. When the Video Tapes and DVD's hit the South Pacific, It was the death knell for the outer island movies. They all became large stores, and the rental shops replaced them completely. Papeete still has movie theatres, and it has the population needed to support them.

I am still on a waiting and watching mode, I like some of what is going on, and am dismayed at somethings, and worried about others. I feel that he'll be fine going in, and I want to see what happens before I am truly settled in. I am sure that we are going to need to work like we have never worked before, the reichies, are already sharpening their knives and my blood family all sez that he won't last a full term, I guess the freepers are really in a twit over all of this and they are really working the muchrakers overtime looking for anything. They are all hung up on the 2 xtian prosecutors that are refusing to resign as they are working on "Liberal (Democratic Party) corruption (ala Karl Rove)

No, I want to work to get the truth out and see justice served and the rights and constitution back in their right position and the whole world is waiting for us to answer. Honor isn't restored easily, we gotta roll up our sleeves and go to work.