Sunday, January 11, 2009

Small, Petty and Never Disappointing

Bush, the ever mean-spirited petulant frat boy, didn't disappoint us as he prepares to leave office.

When I first heard that there was someone else staying at the Blair House, and therefore, President-Elect Obama, and his family would have to find other accommodations if they wanted the kids to start school on time, I thought who in the hell is more important than the President-Elect? It turns out there was plenty of room to accommodate the Obama family until Bush hastily invited former Australian Prime Minister John Howard to stay a little longer, leaving the Obamas and their sizable security detail to check into the Hay Adams, at taxpayer expense.

How does someone that small and petty, oh never mind.

h/t Arianna Huffington


Anjha said...

"Petty" is one of the most kind descriptors that I would use to describe Bush. He is a whiny little two-year-old, always in tantrum.

What I have to wonder - especially with this story - is how can a single wingnut defend this??

I have been spending a tad more time arguing with the Wingnuts lately and they still defend their shitty policies and shitty president as though there was something good to offer from the past 8 years. They blame the problems on the Dems - who were competely impotent to do a friggin' thing these past 8 years.

Unbelieveable. But, this is what they do.

Judith said...

Of course it is the Dems fault and when it is not the Dems fault, it is Clinton's fault. Coming to your local theatre soon 'It's Obama's Fault.'

We have had a child in the WH for the past eight years. An overindulged, spoiled, child.

Judith said...

I remember thinking that the individual at Blair House should be told to leave. It wasn't like no one knew that the President-Elect was going to need to move there and the approximate date. What a MF!

Judith said...

Of course, what would you expect from a man who is moving to a gated community that didn't allow Obama's type until a year ago. Had to keep them coloreds out, don't ya know.

idiosynchronic said...

And defensive - you forgot defensive.

Especially aftsr this morning's last press conference. *sigh*