Sunday, January 11, 2009

Patriot Games

The Army has come up with an innovative way to increase the number of recruits. Open a 14,000 square foot, $13 million dollar video arcade at the Franklin Mills mall in Philadelphia.

At the Army Arcade Experience, as it is called, you can spend your hours killing simulated humans and enjoying the thrill of the hunt, whether you are in a full-scale simulated AH-64 Apache, Longbow helicopter, an armed Humvee or a Black Hawk copter with M4 carbine assault rifles.

The new Army Arcade Experience also has 22 recruiters ready to sign 'em up. If successful, more will be coming to cities where recruitment is low. Our tax dollars at work.

War is the absolute worst endeavor humans can undertake, and these monsters have come up with a way to glorify it and make it 'fun.'


Judith said...

I saw this last night on the news. It showed a kid in a Black Hawk copter shooting a guy on the top of a building. Gee, I wonder why we have become such a violent society. Killing for fun and points. The American way.

Anjha said...


I thought that I had "seen it all." Holy crap.

We need to shut this down and shut it down now. There has to be a movement already set up that is working on this. UFPJ?

I will look into it, do a bit of research.

From the article at Alternet:

One enthusiastic Army general says that the center is "a learning laboratory." Yeah, but... do we really want youngsters learning that stuff? Not to worry, say the recruiters, for the Army does have rules – for example, while the "laboratory" is open to all ages, kids can't play the video games until they're 13. No toddlers allowed.

13 YO children can play. Oh I foresee birthday parties held there, etc, etc.

This is Crap!

They get the children hooked thinking that this is cool and then they recruit them is horrible, just horrible - AND WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!

Anjha said...

One enthusiastic Army general says that the center is "a learning laboratory."

My guess is that the learning laboratory is for the recruiters to learn who the natural born killers are. They also get to learn which children's parents are supportive of this initiative. They get to learn the peaceniks from the wingnuts...they get to "learn" all kinds of things.

Sick MFs...

Judith said...

Anjha, yeah, I love the word "laboratory," as in a place where one does experiments. Turning 13 year olds into killing machines is a brainwashing process. By the times they are recruiting age, they should be ready to join the Army.

People should be picketing and protesting this facility 24/7.

idiosynchronic said...

Didn't we see this in Toys?

Judith said...

Yes, and it is bad enough in toys. This takes it to a new level of reality. However, they don't show your fellow soldier's head exploding or a child with their head blown off. They leave that part of reality out of the equation in playing soldier.