Monday, January 12, 2009

Stuff Journos (&Pols) Like

Reading this list - it's no wonder journalists and politicians get along and interbreed.
Journalists like dating each other because only fellow journalists understand the phrase: “Not tonight dear, I’m on deadline.”Or, "I have a vote" or "I have a lobbyist meeting." -id.

Attempts to date people outside of the newsroom who cannot name gubernatorial candidates, have a limited vocabulary and who don’t know who Hunter S. Thompson is will only lead to a return to dating journalists.

Of course I cut the previous paragraph:
Journalists’ code of ethics forbid being in bed with sources but the code says nothing about being in bed with fellow journalists.

Right. Look at Washington and say that again with a straight face.

Anyway, it's highly interesting. Love to the BoingBoing.


Anjha said...

cute Id.

I just sent it to a veteran journalist/editor friend of mine; I'll let you know how he took it.

Welcome back. I am sorry that you had a crappy holiday.

I am with Coyote; I just do not go to the family events when I cannot handle them. Why put myself through that kind of crap?

I always say to myself - If these people were not sharing the same genetics, would I hang out with them? If the answer is "NO" - then I tend not to go.

I have to be in a really, really good physical and emotional state before I subject myself to that.

I have created a new family of my own and a family of friends who I love and these are the people who I hang with. It is painful, for them (and at one time for me) but life is too friggin' short to spend my time watching people drunkenly knock over Christmas trees and spill the turkey pan on the floor (so that there are no drippings for the gravy...the horror). Or to hear about the world travel (from the perfect pair who thinks that anyone who does not do the same are losers)and get shamed because I dare to wash my dish-towels and underwear in the same load. I just will not subject myself to that crap anymore.

snark said...

...and get shamed because I dare to wash my dish-towels and underwear in the same load.

Oh dear!

I don't think I can hang around here anymore.