Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is NBC Going to Help Coulter Sell Her Book?

Evidently NOT!

Something important happened today. Ann Coulter, the darling of NBC, was scheduled to appear on the Today Show to promote her latest piece of trash entitled, Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America, a book with the usual falsehoods and inflammatory statements. However, NBC informed Coulter yesterday that her appearance today was cancelled. Seems NBC will no longer be part of perpetuating her brand of hate and lies.

Last week, Media Matters asked this question: "Is NBC going to help Coulter sell this book?" Then they launched a petition to NBC to shelve the idea of promoting someone who has no accountability for her words. As Media Matters noted, NBC and some affiliates have expressed disapproval of Coulter's statements, or criticized the media for promoting her.

CNBC's Big Idea host Donny Deutsch said on the October 12, 2007, edition of Today:

"And I think that's what -- we're playing dangerous with words in our society that there's no accountability. There's a glibness that we in the media kind of elevate, and I'm here to kind of say I'm personally tired of it, and I think America is tired of it also." Deutsch later told Vieira that someone might ask, "Aren't we part of the problem?" Vieira responded: "Of course we are. We're perpetuating it."
(Note that CBS' The Early Show had no problem today with promoting Coulter's book.)

Link to Media Matters.


Judith said...

Why can't I get the %#@*# block quotes to line up correctly?

Anjha said...

Looks good to me Judith.

I only watch NBC and MSNBC. Seriously.

For regular TV - NBC is the only channel that I have watched for years and has always been my favorite for local news.

Then, there is MSNBC. Which I have on listening to it all day unless I am listening to AAR.

I cannot stand CNN - their people are idiots. Why they don't can Lou Dobbs is beyond me. That racist prick has ruined them. Then there is Wolfie who does not have an unbiased bone in his body.

Good for them. I am glad that they stood up against Coulter and her trash.

iamcoyote said...

Judith, sometimes when you cut and paste into blogger, you get the formatting that comes with it. I'm sorry I've been absent with the tutorials. Once I catch up with work and life, I'll try to write up a primer for ya! But I'd rather see you write and have a messy post than not write at all! It's just us, we can take it.

Seven of Six said...

Personally, Judith I don't use the toolbar blogger provides, I use what I need to from memory. Everything starts like the HTML tags below <> and when you finish just use the slash. If that makes any sense.
It's the same at TLC and other sites, a few are different.

Judith said...

While I certainly believe in freedom of speech, I also believe that with that freedom comes responsibility. I do not believe that fostering lies, hate, inflammatory statements, and inciting acts of violence against those you disagree with, is acceptable, in any form.

The only reasons Coulter has gotten attention is because the media has promoted her and her books. May the death of Conservativism include people like Coulter, Rush and O'Lielly. Good for NBC. It's about time someone said no more.

Judith said...

Okay, I am going to keep writing until I get it. Messy post or no messy posts.

Judith said...

Good for Media Matters. I signed that petition to NBC, as I have signed other petitions, thinking that as usual nothing will come of it. Maybe this time someone listened.

Anjha said...

Good Riddance Anne.

Judith, did you figure out how to do the links or did someone else do that with the media matters link?

I will send you something or maybe we can talk tomorrow?

Seven of Six said...

BTW, Judith you are doing great!

I'm just helping out, hope you don't mind.

I found the easiest way for me to learn was copying Mike Stabile when I posted at LEFT is RIGHT. I would just go into where it says edit, look at what he did and copy it. To me it was simpler that way.
Judith is doing great, how long has she done this for? A lot better than I was to start, crap, I had to have Coyote call me on the phone to explain.

iamcoyote said...

It's easy once you get the hang of it, but hard until then because it's like learning another language. It's pretty hard to break anything, too, so you can try doing stuff just to see if it works.

Judith said...

7of6 I never mind. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding. I'll get it eventually. Anjha has offered to help, as well as others. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's the "doesn't" times that I have to figure out.

Well, evidently promoting trash and inflammatory books are not beneath NBC afterall. All that talk about integrity and not promoting hate mongering was nothing more than cheap bullsh*t from NBC. They gave Coulter some time this morning, although it was not carried here in St. Louis. Evidently Coulter has someone by the short hairs, so to speak.

Judith said...

Iamcoyote, Seven of Six went in and did the link for me.